International Conference on Blockchain Smart Grids

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The International Conference on Blockchain-Based Smart Grids is a virtual event that aims to bring together a range of scholarly events for the conference programme ran by The International Research Conference. The event consists of multiple scholarly talks and smaller events that have been amalgamated into one research conference dedicated to providing reliable and academically-renowned advice and discussions on topics that surround the technological and blockchain space.

Events will run over two days during the conference in Vienna, Austria, providing high value for both academics and attendees alike. Because of the nature of this event, you can register as an attendee for the exhibition or as a scholarly writer or presenter.

The conference focuses on the latest innovations, trends, concerns and challenges for researchers and practitioners within the blockchain landscape and so provides an in-depth insight into the future of blockchain and smart-grid technology. This event is therefore more catered towards those who are already well-versed in blockchain-based smart grid technology than those who are new to the blockchain world. However, it is also worth noting that the papers which will be presented and discussed as part of this event will be judge and a select few will be added into an academic journal on the topic.

The International Research Conference Organisation run a number of monthly events for students and industry enthusiasts so if this one doesn't tick the box for you, there are plenty of other events that you may be interested in.

Find out more about the International Conference on Blockchain-Based Smart Grids or get a ticket to this event today.

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