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Have you read our latest article in Business Leader magazine?

Business Leader Magazine is the go-to resource for those interested in business, finance and all corners of the corporate space with both digital and print editions released regularly. Our very own Brendan Beeken was able to write and publish for the publication recently, let's discuss what you can expect form the article.

Founder of Moni Talks, Brendan Beeken, recently wrote an in depth article on the metaverse for the publication. In this article, you can learn more about what metaverse is, why it is important and what the future of the metaverse could mean to the business and technology sector, namely in the cryptocurrency sphere.

The article also focuses in on the importance of education throughout the cryptocurrency sphere, not just in the metaverse. This is in part due to the inaccessibility that people feel when confronted with the idea of a metaverse, which is rather an alien concept to most. Conversely, many metaverse community members may be experiencing crypto for the first time, Brendan explains, thus making what we do here at Moni Talks equally important in educating people on both the metaverse and cryptocurrency investments.

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