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Moni Talks, a new approach to cryptocurrency, has been officially announced.

Moni Talks is a dedicated global platform devoted to the crypto community and founded on principles of integrity, transparency, responsibility, and security. It aims to deliver choice, education and a home to the crypto community.

It features:

  • Learn Moni, a new learning hub with free educational tools for newcomers and experienced crypto traders.
  • Trade Moni, a secure trading platform with more than 50 coins and tokens immediately available to trade and more being added

Incorporated in the Isle of Man and registered with the island’s Financial Supervision Authority, Moni Talks puts the safety of its users to the fore. The business has partnered with industry-leading global names to ensure secure wallet provision and disaster recovery, insurance for crypto in storage and transfer, full KYC and AML verification, and multiple liquidity providers.

Moni Talks is the brainchild of Founder and Chairman Brendan Beeken.

He said:

“I began this journey with the mission to create a safe, secure crypto community to encourage the sharing of views, opinions and education, and to provide a user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange which promotes responsible trading. At the heart of this project are the core principles of integrity, transparency, accountability, openness and honesty.

“What we have created delivers a fresh approach, bringing learning, networking and secure trading together in one intuitive, responsive platform, which will shape the development of cryptocurrency.”

The entire platform was purpose-built by an international team led from the Isle of Man headquarters. The result is a bespoke community for anyone interested in learning about, discussing or trading cryptocurrency, whatever level of experience or expertise they have.

Mr Beeken added:

“We have created a home for existing cryptocurrency enthusiasts, a safe space for newcomers to ask questions and learn, and a secure trading platform overseen by the FSA.

“This is only the beginning. We will keep developing Moni Talks to give more to users and the community, responding to the need and feedback of our members.”

Moni Talks was unveiled to specially invited audiences at events in Soho, London, and Douglas, Isle of Man, in late September. They were given exclusive viewing of the platform and early registration ahead of Beta testing.

Further information on Moni Talks, its values, governance and journey, including details of crypto insurance, liquidity, and wallet and platform security can be found in the Meet Moni section of the platform.

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