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Business Leader: Blockchain The Key To A Sustainable Future?

sustainable future

Our founder, Brendan Beeken, has written an article on blockchain for the July 2022 issue of Business leader magazine.

The article links two very important issues - blockchain technology and sustainable technology to highlight the potential blockchain technology has to help us reach a more sustainable future in the cryptocurrency sphere.

In much the same way that we're looking to make greener choices in our shopping and living habits, members of the cryptocurrency community want to know that their transactions aren't harming the planet. In this article, Brendan Beeken compares the cryptocurrency industry to the timber industry, stating that anyone who is part of the crypto community should be working towards keeping their ecological footprint clean, whilst still being able to profit off the decentralised nature of cryptocurrency.

How can blockchain support sustainability?

Simple changes such as using Proof-of-state over proof-of-work or using 'green' smart contracts can all help to reduce your crypto carbon footprint. But what do you think?

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