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Fantom Foundation: The Blockchain of Choice for Moni Talks

1, July, 2023
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After a meticulous evaluation process, Moni Talks has chosen Fantom as the ideal blockchain to propel its crypto community to new heights.

Ethereum and Polygon: A Consideration

While Ethereum's reputation as a reliable and substantial blockchain is undeniable, its challenges with slow transaction speeds and high gas fees prompted Moni Talks to explore alternatives. The emergence of Fantom as a strong challenger to Ethereum's dominance piqued the team's interest. Fantom's a smart contract blockchain protocol and innovative consensus mechanism deliver faster and more cost-effective transactions, making it a formidable contender in the blockchain space.

The Significance of Speed and Security

Transaction speed and costs are critical considerations for a forward-thinking crypto business like Moni Talks. Fantom blockchain's impressive transaction speeds and cost-effectiveness were crucial in the decision-making process. Furthermore, Fantom's innovative culture and dedication to security provided additional reassurance.

Critical Factors in Selecting Fantom

In collaboration with expert developers, Moni Talks' senior team carefully analysed Fantom's blockchain compared to other options. The following vital factors solidified Fantom as the preferred choice for Moni Talks:

  1. True Finality: Fantom's transactions are irrevocable, ensuring heightened security.
  2. Synchronous RPC: Utilising synchronous remote procedures enhances transaction speed.
  3. Gas Monetisation: Moni Talks can generate revenue from gas fees on its contracts.
  4. Full EVM Compatibility: Fantom's full compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine (#evm) streamlines multichain deployment for developers.
  5. No Segmentation: Fantom's network lacks segmentation, fostering shared security, liquidity, and user accessibility.
  6. Legacy: With a track record of operating for four years with 99.9% uptime, Fantom offers a 30-year runway, instilling confidence in Moni Talks' long-term vision.
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Anticipating Future Innovations

Fantom's commitment to innovation excites Moni Talks. Upcoming features, including gas subsidies for enhanced accessibility and account abstraction for user-friendly wallet ownership, further strengthen the blockchain's appeal.

People Power

For Moni Talks, transparency, engagement, and genuine connections are essential. The alignment of values with Fantom's team was instrumental in the decision. Notable figures such as co-founder Andre Cronje, a prominent figure in defi whose commitment and innovation are undeniable, along with CEO/CIO Michael Kong and cryptocurrency visionary Harry Yeh, lend credibility and inspire the team at Moni Talks.

Embracing an Inspiring Journey with Fantom

Moni Talks eagerly looks forward to building its thriving crypto community on Fantom, unlocking new possibilities driven by speed, security, and innovation. A future where transparency, engagement, and genuine connections make a difference lies ahead, and together with Fantom, Moni Talks embarks on an inspiring journey. Stay tuned for more updates!

About Moni Talks

Moni Talks is a leading cryptocurrency community that provides a secure and engaging platform for exploring and participating in digital assets. Guided by innovation and transparency, Moni Talks aims to be a frontrunner in the cryptocurrency revolution.

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