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Moni Talks Forms Strategic Partnership with MIRACL

27, July, 2023
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The Challenge with Passwords and 2FA

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Moni Talks' commitment to user security and improved user experience (UX). Passwords have long been the standard method for user authentication, but they present significant security risks, leaving user accounts vulnerable to hacking. While Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) has improved security, it often comes at the expense of convenience and a seamless user experience. Tedious processes and time-outs have been frustrating for users.

Introducing MIRACL Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Moni Talks sought a secure and user-friendly login solution to overcome these challenges. After a comprehensive assessment, MIRACL's cutting-edge Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) emerged as the ideal choice. MIRACL's MFA solution offers the fastest access to user accounts, with an impressive login success rate of 99.6%.

The Unparalleled MIRACL MFA Solution

MIRACL's MFA provides users with an easy, secure, and rapid way to access their accounts using a simple four-digit PIN. Based on innovative cryptographic technology, this approach ensures enhanced security and faster MFA within a single browser or app on a single device. MIRACL does not store users' sensitive security information, ensuring data privacy and security. All authentication takes place on users' devices, meaning MIRACL does not even need to know their PIN, offering an added layer of protection.

Aligning Values and Benefits

The collaboration between Moni Talks and MIRACL stems from shared values, including a commitment to cryptographic technology's transformative potential, prioritizing user security, delivering an exceptional user experience, and maintaining transparency in operations.

Streamlining Business Operations

Aside from bolstering user security, integrating MIRACL's MFA solution streamlines backend processes for Moni Talks. The simplified and user-friendly integration saves time and resources, enhancing customer retention and engagement. Moni Talks is confident that implementing MIRACL will result in cost savings, improved customer support efficiency, and enhanced reputational protection.

An Exciting Beginning

This partnership marks the beginning of a promising journey for both Moni Talks and MIRACL. As Moni Talks continues its mission to provide a secure and seamless crypto trading experience, MIRACL's MFA solution promises to be a game-changer for the industry.

About Moni Talks

Moni Talks is a leading cryptocurrency platform that delivers a secure and user-centric environment for crypto enthusiasts. With a focus on innovation and safety, Moni Talks aims to revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry and empower its community of users.

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MIRACL is a pioneering cryptographic technology company that offers a breakthrough in user authentication. With its innovative MFA solution, MIRACL ensures rapid, secure, and user-friendly access to accounts without compromising data privacy.

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