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Tokenomics and Gamification: A Crucial Phase

6, July, 2023
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Tokenomics and Gamification

At Moni Talks, one of the most exciting aspects of our work is how we approach every task, no matter how complex or challenging.

Our team demonstrates professionalism, inquisitiveness, and a sense of fun in every project, regardless of its intricacies or time requirements. We are serious individuals who never allow tight deadlines or demanding briefs to discourage us.

Our passion for what we do is infectious, and this enthusiasm has been particularly evident in recent weeks.

Crucial Phase

Moni Talks is now entering a crucial phase, perhaps the most important in its existence.

As a trusted community in the cryptocurrency realm, it is our mission to provide accessible news, data, and information on crypto markets and blockchain to all. Currently, we are finalising the next significant developments for our platform, which demands the collective efforts of our entire team.

Surprisingly, the challenge only seems to inspire more smiles among our team members. So then, what have we been doing?


We have previously discussed our progress toward launching our own token, one that holds genuine utility and value for investors.

The final touches are being applied to our tokenomics strategy, which Moni Talks will unveil to the public soon.

This achievement is the result of intensive work on our part. Our starting point was to create a token serving the best interests of our business and investors.

This required extensive research and analysis, as we carefully examined market dynamics and investor desires. Factors such as total circulation, initial price, token type, availability, and other corporate considerations were considered.

Additionally, our skilled marketing team researched how to present the token, including its name, symbol, and overall promotion campaign strategy. Our dedication to providing the token with real purpose and value was of utmost importance, not just for Moni Talks, but also for our valued investors.

While I cannot disclose specific outcomes at this time, I want to recognise the immense efforts put forth by our team behind the scenes. The collaboration between our development, finance, marketing, and other teams, and their genuine enjoyment of their tasks, has been truly remarkable.


Throughout our behind-the-scenes development, we have explored ways to enhance the user experience on the Moni Talks platform.

One solution we are pursuing is gamification. Our talented development team has been researching how to deploy and implement gamification across multiple blockchains and related platforms.

In parallel, our marketing team has been working closely with the development team to visualise and bring to life innovative plans on our platform. The quality of our creatives and gamification strategy reflects our passion for this project.

Once again, Moni Talks has managed to infuse demanding and crucial tasks with a sense of fun.

Our gamification approach will extend to every area of the platform, encouraging engagement, learning, and development among our users.

Moni Talks is dedicated to informed and responsible crypto trading, and our gamification and tokenomics plan reflects that commitment. Users will be rewarded with badges, shields, and tokens based on their habits, achievements, and milestones, unlocking various platform benefits.

These rewards will acknowledge achievements in learning, community engagement, and trading. While gamification will inject personality and fun into the platform, it will also foster user awareness of self-education, support for fellow crypto enthusiasts, and safe and responsible trading practices. Although I cannot reveal the gamification visuals now, they are worth the wait.

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Crypto Education

From the beginning, Learn Moni, our educational offering, has been central to our mission. As mentioned earlier, we believe that learning is fundamental to ensuring safer and more responsible engagement in the cryptocurrency space.

Our content plan is nearly complete, and we are actively working on many new elements. Extensive research has been conducted to analyse existing educational offerings, determining what works and what doesn't.

We aim to provide accessible, engaging, and genuinely useful content for our users. As we roll out the developments for Learn Moni, you can expect to find long and short-form articles, videos, podcasts, structured educational tools, and more. Countless hours of behind-the-scenes work, including research, analysis, connections with key figures, content creation, testing, reviewing, creative design, and site coding, have shaped these offerings.

It has been an intense process, but it was always approached with a sense of fun, as you will soon experience in the next phase of the Moni Talks platform.

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