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Moni Talks FFE Membership Announced

19, July, 2023
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This strategic move reflects Moni Talks' unwavering commitment to safeguarding users, combating financial crime in the cryptocurrency world, and upholding the reputation of the crypto industry.

A Focus on Safety and Security

Safety and security remain top priorities as Moni Talks prepares to launch its crypto trading exchange. The decision to join FINTRAIL is a testament to the platform's dedication to maintaining a secure user environment.

Understanding the FinTech FinCrime Exchange

The FFE is a global network of FinTech organizations collaborating on strategies and best practices for financial crime (FinCrime) risk management. Members actively share information on FinCrime, including typologies, controls, and responses. This collective effort enhances the sector's ability to detect and counter threats, enabling the development and deployment of effective risk management controls based on the collective knowledge and experience of FinTech experts worldwide. The diverse membership comprises industries involved in FinTech, enabling businesses in both regulated and non-regulated sectors to improve their protection against and response to FinCrime.

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Moni Talks' Membership and Advantages

Moni Talks' membership in the FFE was spearheaded by Leyre N'Shimbi Fernandez, the recently appointed Head of Compliance and MLRO. With her extensive experience as a financial crime specialist and investigator, Leyre identified the immense value of FFE membership for Moni Talks, reinforcing the platform's commitment to user safety and security. As a member, Moni Talks gains access to a wide range of tools for combating FinCrime. This includes forums for day-to-day queries and reputable service provider sourcing. FFE provides regular updates from regulators, summarizes complex topics, and analyzes potential developments' impact on various sectors. Moni Talks representatives will also attend regular FFE meetings to gain invaluable insights into the latest FinCrime trends and bolster user and organizational protection measures.

Commitment to Safety and Security

Moni Talks is unwavering in its commitment to operating within a safe environment by complying with legal and regulatory obligations and ensuring customers can trade securely with minimized financial threats. The collaborative environment provided by FFE allows FinTechs, banks, and other regulated financial institutions worldwide to share best practices, develop robust anti-financial crime frameworks, and align industry standards. Moni Talks aims to safeguard customers' funds and elevate the overall customer experience by enhancing detection and combating financial crime.

About Moni Talks

Moni Talks is a leading cryptocurrency platform that provides crypto enthusiasts with a secure and user-centric environment. Focused on innovation and safety, Moni Talks seeks to revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry and empower its community of users.

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