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About Holo (HOT)

Holo is a distributed cloud hosting marketplace for P2P applications that allows anyone to join a network of shared hosting providers and be able to sell their own spare or unused computing resources, from RAM all the way up to CPU cores.

The Holo fuel token is an ERC-20 standard utility token on the Ethereum blockchain that serves as a currency inside of the Holo ecosystem. Holo is powered by HoloFuel, a cryptocurrency backed by digital assets that allows for live, peer-to-peer trading of computing resources via HoloPort.

Holo is currently an Ethereum ERC20 token, however they are preparing to launch their own fork of Holochain so that it can function on its own blockchain. The HoloFuel token (HOT) is an ERC-20 standard utility token on the Ethereum blockchain that serves as a currency inside of the Holo ecosystem. This means that users can earn and use HOT just like any other cryptocurrency. The HOT token will be convertible to HoloFuel during the swap period.

HoloFuel is a cryptographic asset that will be used in the Holo ecosystem and can be purchased for fiat or other cryptocurrencies on exchanges.

Holo Background

Holo was founded in 2016 by Arthur Brock and Eric Harris-Braun. According to Brock, "Holochain provides the flexibility and functionality that allows people who are building collaborative apps to decide how they want those apps to work. We're not making those decisions for you."

Brock leads the Holo development team, as well as creating strategies for decentralised systems. Harris-Braun supports Holo's organisational development and the Holochain development team.

Brock and Harris-Braun are both experienced coders and previous founders of other software companies.

What Makes Holo Unique?

Holo is unique as it acts as a bridge between the distributed Holochain apps and the current centralised web.

Holo's purpose is to make hApps easily accessible to mainstream internet users. HoloFuel is the cryptocurrency of the distributed web. It's used to pay for computational power on Holo hosts that provide computing services to hApps users.

The developers explain that this system allows users "to run your own server while paying other people’s servers (and getting paid by other people doing this)" in order to "decentralise the web".

Holo is built on Holochain framework which is an open-source P2P app development platform. It allows developers to build decentralised apps across multiple devices without servers or cloud storage. As applications are run on user's device, there is no need for shared infrastructure which greatly reduces costs and boosts privacy of users Holo chain apps.

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