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A guide to Lazy Lions NFTs

This article covers everything you need to know about Lazy Lions NFTs, what it is and how to purchase it on Opensea.

The Elrond Company

The Elrond Company is a blockchain-focused company behind Elrond, a scalable, fast, and secure blockchain with smart contract functionality.

What are Dot dot dots NFTs?

Dot dot dots NFTs are blowing the market. This article shares a closer look at the NFT and where you can purchase it.

Shibaverse coin- cryptocurrency for the metaverse

Shibaverse coin is a new cryptocurrency that is more secure and anonymous for the Metaverse. Read more about the benefits of Shibaverse.

Norway Bitcoin mining now uses 100% green energy

by Author: Wasay Ali
28, July, 2022

Norway Bitcoin mining is now completely relying on renewable power. It uses 88% hydro, 8% wind power and 2% alt like repurposing heat energy.

UK to assess new law defining crypto as property

UK Law Commission said Britain should make a new crypto law by creating a category of private property law for cryptocurrencies.

Quant Price and Prediction

Quant (QNT) is aiming to provide interoperability to the blockchain world by acting as a bridge between various distributed ledgers.

Guide to Crypto Internships

In this guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about blockchain internships and how to get obtain one.

Animated NFT Series First for Mogul

Mogul has launched its first animated NFT collection, inspired by 100 years of iconic Hollywood history.

Kraken Exchange Under Investigation

United States authorities have launched an investigation into allegations the Kraken crypto exchange violated sanctions on Iran.

Is Raiden Network a Good Investment?

The Raiden Network is Ethereum’s solution to its scaling problem. It is similar to Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.

Voyager lending rejects FTX’s buyout offer

The buyout deal from Alameda and FTX appears to have irritated Voyager lending lawyers, who do not consider the offer as beneficial to users.

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