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Mint you own NFT at Art Basel 2023 Miami Beach

15, September, 2023

in Latest NFT News

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Playing against the background of a media-driven NFT frenzy, Art Basel 2021 welcomed non-fungible tokens. They took over and were still all the rage at the 2022 edition. As the art community gears up for the Art Basel 2023 edition, this guide probes the vibrant and wonderful world of generative and internet art, what you can expect, and the impact of NFTs.

What is Art Basel 2023? 

Art Basel 2023 Miami Beach, the 21st edition of America's wide-ranging international modern-day art fair, is happening between 8 and 10 December. The event will host thousands of artists, art dealers, art lovers, and collectors to sample fashionable art from 283 galleries representing 38 countries.

Besides exploring the budding global art scene, popular conversations will feature speakers across different panels. The art exhibition is one of four Art Basel fairs held in Basel, Switzerland, Paris, and Hong Kong.    

NFTs stole the show in 2022

The surge of NFTs happened as the world battled the Covid-19 pandemic when there were very few, if any, in-person gatherings for most communities, including NFT communities.

However, come December 2021, thousands of NFT enthusiasts thronged Miami Beach for that year's Art Basel edition. The event became an NFT art sandbox as attendees descended on concerts, parties, interactive experiences, panel events, and concerts.

Come Art Basel 2022, NFTs were back to the event. Attendees were treated to captivating exhibitions of the best physical and digital artworks from the NFT scene. The exhibits featured the weirdest, wildest, most outrageous, and most colourful artistic creations beyond anyone's imagination.

The entry of NFTs into the two-decade-old event introduced a positive boost of optimism to the shows.

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Tezos' interactive NFT exhibition

The introduction of generative art in the 2022 edition of Art Basel Miami Beach by Tezos Blockchain with the theme "Performance in Code: Deciphering Value in Generative Art" became a game changer.

The interactive exhibition displayed in collaboration with FxHash culminated in a unique experience for attendees who got to engage and generate memorable NFT takeaways minted on the Tezos blockchain.

Overall, the 2022 edition fantastically represented crypto-based art, including NFT weddings, epic paint parties, AI portraits, metaverse fashion, and related installations. There were also many positive insights from other prominent players in the NFT scene.

What to expect at Art Basel 2023

It's only natural to expect the Tezos blockchain booth in the Art Basel 2023 Miami Beach edition to become even more popular in satisfying people's curiosity about NFTs.

In addition to the interactive exhibits, the on-site NFT minting tool wowed most participants by becoming an example of how NFTs had made a splashy invasion into the traditional art scene. This year's show will likely feature more prominent NFT artists throughout the Tezos ecosystem, while visitors can create AI-generative self-portrait NFTs.

The minting of NFTs will happen via physical interaction with space, and the result will be abstract self-portrait works of digital art generated via QR codes scanned by visitors. According to the plans, German NFT artist Mario Klingemann, aka Quasimondo, will create AI portraits for attendees using open-source blockchain Tezos to mint NFTs of their digital artworks. Once rendered, visitors can render the artwork as NFTs, displayed on-screen before being gifted to users in their crypto wallet in real time.

Tezos' system will assign the NFTs rarity values expressed as percentages, and attendees could see the value of their NFTs change as the event continues.

The future of NFTs 

Now in its 21st year, the Art Basel 2023 Miami Beach event will be a unique opportunity to connect artists, galleries, and collectors to share their amazing artist-led stories and boost the local art scene.

With the 20th edition hosting more than 76,000 showgoers from over 88 countries, it’s only natural that the number could go higher this time since the extended crypto winter is mostly thawed.  

NFTs have worked their way into the heart of the exhibition. Beginning from the 19th edition, when the hype associated with the 2021 Bull Run increased, the popularity of NFTs and their entry into Art Basel showed glimpses of the result of a potential collision between the physical and digital worlds.

Considering that the 2022 edition became more holistic due to the entry of NFTs and specifically the Tezos blockchain project with its clean NFTs campaign, there's every indication that Art Basel 2023 will see more blockchain companies foraying into galleries and other art events in the future. The ripple effect could be the likelihood of more NFT use cases popping up as individuals and brands start integrating NFTs beyond collectibles.  


NFTs will likely crash the party at Art Basel 2023 Miami again as crypto enthusiasts descend on Florida to claim their territory. As the crypto winter slowly ends, we'll likely see attention-grabbing NFT headlines again, with artists making multimillion-dollar sales.

The rise of Web3 could see crypto investors once again defining good taste and NFTs disrupting the art market, which is in dire need of correction, if not a complete disruption.

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