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Axie Marketplace: The In-Game Purchase Platform

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Axie marketplace is the authorised marketplace for the popular NFT game Axie Infinity. This marketplace is your convenient go-to option to find in-game items, including Axies, digital lands, and bundles of things players could use in this NFT game.

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based play-to-earn game where players buy NFTs of digital creatures called Axies and use them to engage in combat with one another. The gamers can use these creatures in battle, exploration of the game world, and breeding to produce young Axies. The Ethereum blockchain has a unique genetic profile for each Axie. Six of the many possible bodily parts are available to each of these creatures, where every body part has a combat manoeuvre. Thus there are countless possible combinations to make one-of-a-kind miniature combatants.

How would one purchase in-game items on the Axie marketplace?

You will need three Axies to begin playing this game, which you may purchase from other players through the official exchange.

Utilise Ronin Bridge to transfer funds from an Ethereum wallet to a Ronin wallet. Most participants typically make deposits or withdrawals via a centralised exchange using their MetaMask wallet. The second method involves using the Ramp Network to purchase ETH on Ronin with fiat currency. Unfortunately, Ramp Network is still in its development stage and is not available in all countries.

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What is the fee structure for buyers and sellers on the Axie Infinity marketplace?

The buyers can purchase NFTs without any fee, which attracts many curious and eager gamers to this play to earn the crypto game. However, the Ethereum gas fees need to be covered for depositing Ethereum to your Ronin Wallet, which is required to use this platform.

Sellers do have to pay a 5.25% selling fee. If there is a creator code, 1% of the charge goes to the NFT's creator and 4.25% goes to the Community Treasury. The Community Treasury gets the entire 5.25% if there is no creator code.

Is it secure to use the Axie marketplace?

Hackers have previously tried to attack this marketplace, and some players witnessed their accounts getting compromised.

Hackers used phony job interviews to steal $620 million from Axie Infinity this past spring in 2022. Also, in November 2021, the platform experienced one significant security lapse when its Discord channel was compromised. The hacker distributed a false bulletin with a link to an Ethereum theft website. In retaliation, Axie Infinity paid back everyone who had lost money due to the announcement and improved the security of their Discord channel.

Your Ronin Wallet is where your NFTs are kept, so as long as no one else gains access to it or learns your seed phrase, they will be secure.

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