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Battle Infinity: A Beginner's Guide

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Play-to-earn games are gradually gaining some popularity in the gaming community. Many cryptocurrencies are now being launched through blockchain games. One of them is Battle Infinity, which is a fantasy game for sports fans.

This gaming platform brings in all the features of blockchain technology itself. It introduces its native crypto, non-fungible tokens as in-game accessories, P2E features, and some Metaverse elements. You can also earn incentives and generate a passive income.

Here’s a thorough guide to getting started with the Battle Infinity crypto. Let’s dive in!

Battle Infinity: A quick overview

It is a play-to-earn battle game that introduces you to its Metaverse world, the Battle Arena. It creates an immersive environment for sports fans to enjoy a more realistic battling experience. Since it is a blockchain game, it has its utility token, IBAT. The platform is also looking to launch its NFT marketplace and in-game accessories store.

According to its whitepaper, its ecosystem will likely include an IBAT Premier League, a token-swapping platform, an NFT market, an in-game accessories store, and a token-staking platform. The Premier League has a unique feature of NFT integration. It will allow players to create a team and earn rewards for its players’ performances in real-world games. You can also manage and trade your teams as they will be NFTs.

The platform’s market and the store will allow you to purchase collectables and other accessories. Its swap feature will offer a platform from where you can get IBAT tokens and others. Besides, you can also stake your tokens by locking them on the platform and earning rewards through it.

The benefits of playing Battle Infinity

Playing Battle Infinity can benefit you in various ways. Here are a few of them:

  1. This P2E game can earn you a modest return on investment and become a consistent income stream.

  2. It also gives staking incentives and various other rewards through IBAT tokens.

  3. Through this game, you can collect valuable non-fungible tokens, which are in-game assets.

  4. Playing this game will make you part of a growing community of gamers and crypto users.

  5. It allows sports fans to create their fantasy teams and earn rewards.

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Battle Infinity crypto (IBAT)

Battle Infinity is a P2E game that runs on its native cryptocurrency, IBAT. The token is developed on the Binance Smart Chain with the BEP-20 token standard. It is a blockchain utility token used for all kinds of transactions, reward distribution, and staking. You can also use it to put on advertisements on the Metaverse billboards.

The total supply of the tokens is 10 billion, divided into eight parts. The largest part (28%) was assigned for the presale. The second largest part is given to the founders and partners. Another 18% goes for advertisements and coin listings on exchanges. Different percentages are also assigned for liquidity, legal team, foundation development, team allocation, and private sales.

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Battle Infinity price prediction

The IBAT is still at its nascent stage, with its current value only being $0.00254. Its market cap is only $8,013,854. To get an idea of where its price will head in the coming days, you have to look at the developments in the project.

Various features of the platform still need to be made live. However, one exciting piece of news that has come out for this project is the launch of the swapping feature. On 16 November 2022, it launched the Battle Swap, which will work as its decentralised exchange. This addition may play out well for IBAT’s position in the market.

Moreover, in its ongoing developmental phase, it will introduce Battle Infinity’s Alpha DApp on the Google Play Store. It may further help in increasing the popularity of this game. Also, as P2E gaming becomes more mainstream, projects like these are likely to be in demand. So, in the future, you can expect IBAT's price to go up.

How to buy a Battle Infinity crypto?

It is still a new project and is only listed on a few exchanges. That’s why purchasing a coin can be quite challenging. However, it was recently launched on PancakeSwap, where you can easily buy it.

Here’s the complete procedure for buying the Battle Infinity crypto.

  1. Create a crypto wallet

You must set up a digital wallet to store the tokens to purchase Battle Infinity tokens. It is recommended to use a trusted decentralised wallet like MetaMask, which is compatible with BSC.

You can easily create your account by downloading its app on your phone or getting its extension on your device. Once it’s downloaded, go to the ‘get started’ option. Simply follow the instructions there, and you will have your crypto wallet.

  1. Integrate wallet to BSC

After that, you have to integrate your wallet into the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Integration is necessary since the Battle Infinity token is built on BSC. You can do this through the network options.

By default, the name of the network is Ethereum. You would have to change it to RPC network and then select BSC. You would also need to enter the following details.



  1. Purchase Binance coin

You should have Binance Coin (BNB) to buy IBAT through PancakeSwap. You can easily purchase it through any of the top-rated exchanges. After that, transfer the coins to your crypto wallet so that you can swap them with IBATs.

  1. Connect your crypto wallet to PancakeSwap

IBAT is now listed on the PancakeSwap exchange. Once you have purchased BNB, you must connect your crypto wallet to this exchange. First, ensure that the network is Binance, then go to the Browser option on MetaMask. Search for PancakeSwap exchange there and simply proceed with Connect. You can follow this guide for more assistance.

  1. Buy IBAT coins

Now, go to the PancakeSwap dashboard and select the swap option. Here, search for IBAT tokens and pick them. Then type the amount of BNBs you would like to swap for IBATs and note the slippage tolerance. Recheck all the details and proceed with Confirm Swap to complete the purchase of IBAT coins.

  1. Import IBATs

The last step is importing the contract address of IBAT tokens to your MetaMask wallet. Go to the Import Tokens option on your wallet and enter the address there. Also, you have to add the coin’s symbol and decimal and finally proceed to add tokens.

Closing thoughts

Battle Infinity is a budding project that brings all the novel features of blockchain and Metaverse to the gaming world. It appeals to sports enthusiasts and allows them to assemble a fantasy team. Besides, it has its crypto, IBAT, which can be profitable for gamers. You can stake these tokens and earn rewards against them. It may even launch valuable in-game NFTs on the platform in the future.

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Author: Wasay Ali

Author: Wasay Ali

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