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Best Crypto to Buy and Hold? Here Are Some Thoughts

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If you're wondering what's the best crypto to buy and hold, we've put together some analysis to help your research.

Buying and holding cryptocurrency could be a great way to be financially independent and beat inflation. It could also give you total control over your financial portfolio.

Owning crypto that constantly increases in value is every investor's dream. But, the market for crypto is highly volatile and things change so fast that while some cryptos gain over time, the opposite happens to other cryptocurrencies.

But being a keen investor involves making big bets on the future, which consists of investing in cryptos that can stand the test of time.

If that's your goal, there are cryptocurrencies you can buy now which are tipped to increase in value in a decade. Here are some experts have predicted could go 'to the moon'.


Cardano is the ninth most popular cryptocurrency, with a market cap of about $32 billion. Cardano is an environmentally friendly coin compared to others that require a high amount of energy, electricity, and hardware to mine. Miners update the blockchain using coins they own.

This matters because governments and even crypto enthusiasts and investors scrutinize the effects of Bitcoin mining on the environment. Looking for innovative ways to tackle the impact of crypto mining is becoming crucial and could make the 'cleaner' tokens, like Cardano, a better long-term bet.


Solana's value could increase in the coming years for many reasons. One reason is a new feature released by Solana that investors and enthusiasts are keen on; Solana Pay. Solana Pay supports decentralized P2P payments and aims to support payments with traditional currencies like the US dollar.

That feature gives Solana an edge over other competitors. Solana is the seventh most popular crypto with a market cap of $35 billion.

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Ethereum is not a new name in the crypto industry; it's the second most popular crypto in the crypto market. The new Ethereum upgrade Eth2 has garnered much interest among investors and enthusiasts due to upgraded security and scalability. This upgrade and the blockchain's role in smart contracts and NFTs could secure rising values for Ethereum in the coming years.


Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency; it's a good asset for investors. Generally, Bitcoin is the first choice when investors plan to buy and hold.

As more businesses accept crypto as a means of payment, it increases in popularity. Companies like Microsoft, Tesla, and PayPal have started accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment. It has been a performing asset for more than a decade and as general acceptance and use increase, it could be worth adding to your investment portfolio.

Final Thought

Crypto is worth investing in; there are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market, so choosing the right one is essential.

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Author: Gerry Enoma

Author: Gerry Enoma

Gerry Enoma writes articles about crypto, blockchain finance, technology, and video games. His articles have been read by millions of readers on the internet. Having written for sites like,, etc. Aside from being a writer, he's also a game designer.

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