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Ebay Buys KnownOrigin For An Undisclosed Amount

ebay purchases knownOrigin
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eBay announced the acquisition of Manchester-based NFT marketplace KnownOrigin yesterday. The deal's financial details are unknown. eBay said the purchase was finalised in June 2022.

Andy Gray, David Moore, and James Morgan founded KnownOrigin, a UK marketplace where artists and collectors can make, buy, and resell NFTs. The platform is regarded as one of the best nft marketplaces in the UK.

The purchase will bolster eBay’s position as a leading site as our community adds digital collectibles, said CEO Jamie Iannone. “KnownOrigin has a remarkable, passionate, and dedicated network of artists and collectors, making them a fantastic addition to our seller-buyer community. We welcome these inventors to eBay”.

The deal took place a month after launching its inaugural NFT collection. The new "Genesis" NFT Collection will contain 3D and animated versions of Sports Illustrated cover athletes. eBay's first NFT collaboration was spurred by the collectibles sector.

eBay has a large online retail presence, but it will face stiff competition from crypto-native NFT platforms. Its acquisition of KnownOrigin shows it's serious about entering the NFT space.

“As interest in NFTs grows, we think now is the right time to join eBay. We've spent 25 years establishing enthusiastic communities and are delighted to bring a new audience along. This is a new chapter for KnownOrigin, and we couldn't have picked a better time to work with eBay. This cooperation will attract NFT makers and collectors." Stated co-founder David Moore. The company's latest acquisition expands its blockchain and digital collectibles efforts.

KnownOrigin is the best NFT marketplace because it has a passionate community of artists and collectors, making it a perfect addition to eBay's seller-buyer community. The platform was designed to help creators and collectors promote, sell, and acquire real digital objects. As interest in NFTs continues to grow, KnownOrigin is the perfect place to join the marketplace behemoth. This cooperation will attract NFT makers and collectors from all over the world.

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Author: Hassan Alzaza

Author: Hassan Alzaza

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