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BitBoy Crypto – Rise of the Crypto Influencers

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BitBoy Crypto delivers daily content on any crypto news, from the latest happenings in the crypto space to cryptocurrency trading advice.

BitBoy Crypto was founded by Ben Armstrong, one of the most popular crypto influencers in the history of cryptocurrency. Although others have influenced the crypto space significantly, BitBoy Crypto is a big name.

When cryptocurrency first emerged, it struggled to gain ground and stay relevant. It felt like it would never be accepted, but that changed over time. The crypto space has gained so much popularity globally that a day hardly goes by without seeing crypto news or article. Those behind the popularity of cryptocurrency are known as crypto influencers, and the founder of BitBoy Crypto is one of them.

What is BitBoy Crypto?

BitBoy Crypto is a popular resource where daily crypto content includes news, crypto trading advice, and project reviews. The BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel was founded in 2018 by Ben Armstrong. Ben’s intent for starting BitBoy Crypto, according to him, was to expand the crypto community and create financial freedom for people.

BitBoy Crypto has become a go-to source for both old and new crypto investors, and is a known name in crypto.

##Top 5 Crypto Influencers

Ben Armstrong is among the most popular cryptocurrency influencers, but others are becoming established.

Here's a list of five leading crypto influencers, in no particular order;

Ivan on Tech: Like Ben of BitBoy Crypto, Ivan is a YouTube cryptocurrency influencer who provides his audience with well-detailed videos on crypto analyses and other useful crypto tips.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos: Antonopoulos is a YouTube cryptocurrency influencer, but he also has a huge number of followers on Twitter. He engages his audience with insightful crypto content and also teaches how blockchain technology works. Understanding blockchain technology has often been seen as a difficult task, but Antonopoulos breaks it down quite well.

Lea Thompson: Thompson's content is always entertaining and relevant to her followers. She has thousands of followers both on Twitter and on YouTube and has had a good impact on the growth of the crypto market.

Crypto Jebb: Jebb provides his followers on YouTube and Twitter with all the information they need about Bitcoin. He refers to Bitcoin as the new gold.

Michael Saylor: Saylor is a Twitter cryptocurrency influencer with millions of followers. He provides Bitcoin news every day. If you need to find out anything about bitcoin, you can probably get it from Saylor.

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What Does Crypto Influencer Mean?

Influencers are people that influence the lifestyle of their online audience through creating engaging social media content. From the above definition of who an influencer is, you have probably figured out what a crypto influencer means.

What Does it Take to be a Crypto Influencer?

To become a cryptocurrency influencer, you must first know everything about crypto and its technology; I mean, you can't educate people on something you are not fully conversant with. So, you need to know how the crypto space works, and you also need to make it a point of duty to be aware of every useful crypto news. Secondly, you need to choose a social media platform where you can share your relevant content. There are plenty of platforms to pick from, including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Of course, the more engaging your posts are, the more followers you gain.

Are Cryptocurrency Influencers Legit?

Remember that the crypto space is volatile, so, sometimes, the predictions from crypto influencers may be wrong or right. Before taking a prediction from an influencer, ensure you look into the person's track record. If the ratio of accurate predictions outweighs the wrong predictions, then they are good to go. Some imposters may pose as crypto influencers, so always DYOR. Conclusion

New to crypto or not, following cryptocurrency influencers online is a good way to understand the crypto space. Helpful online crypto influencer sources like BitBoy Crypto have been known to be known to make the crypto space a lot easier for crypto investors.

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