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Bitcoin ETF Mania Rages on

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The excitement caused by the launch of the world’s first Bitcoin ETF (exchange traded fund) earlier this week is raging on.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors championed the eagerly anticipated launch on social media, while commentators were quick to analyse the implications.

Coined the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF, trading of the revolutionary fund kicked off at $40 a share under the ticker symbol BITO and headed upward, closing out the day up 5%.

"Investment Vehicle"

According to ProShares, their Bitcoin exchange traded fund is an investment vehicle that tracks BTC (bitcoin) futures contracts. A representative for the company commented that the new ETF boasted first day trading volume of some 29 million shares and has, so far, banked assets of over $1 billion.

The successful launch of the first cryptocurrency-based ETF is considered by many to be, for now, the watershed moment in terms of legitimising these digital assets as a genuine investment vehicle for anyone.

The financial brain trust has been trying for years to launch an ETF that exposes investors to bitcoin and while megabanks like JP Morgan and Wells Fargo have allowed specific segments of their client rosters the option of investing in certain types of cryptocurrency, none of those banks, before this week, could offer their clients an ETF to invest in.

That’s all changed now.

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ETFs Gaining Popularity

Crypto-ETFs are expected to gain popularity, and accelerate interest, among traditional investors as a one of the simplest options for getting a bit of exposure to cryptocurrency without having to deal with the enigmatic intricacies of cryptocurrency exchanges in order to buy the digital assets.

And wouldn’t you know it? More players are joining the party.

Specialised alternative asset management firm, Valkyrie Investments, also got the green light from the SEC not long ago to launch their own version of the next bitcoin futures ETF. Valkyrie’s new ETF is on par to begin trading on Nasdaq today. The fund will trade under the ticker BTF, but we can’t help but mention the storyline behind Valkyrie’s brief plan to designate a familiar acronym to the fund: BTFD.

Did you miss it?

It’s okay. I did too.

The Cryptoverse

Valkyrie took a swing at a brilliant marketing strategy, and almost got away with it. The temporary ticker symbol of BTFD was purported to be an acronym that stood for ‘buy the {expletive} dip,’ which is a heavily promoted maxim for a certain trading strategy in the cryptoverse that has yielded hefty returns for the traders who have adopted the strategy. The security and exchange commission (SEC), no doubt, had their reservations and now it appears the fund will start trading under the original ticker symbol of BTF.

Whatever the ticker symbol, it is undeniable that cryptocurrency has now achieved a ‘stamp of approval’ from both regulatory and traditional sceptics and the market’s evolutionary pace now includes the ETF market. The cryptocurrency market continued its moonshot trajectory achieving a value of over $2.6 trillion earlier this week, after bitcoin hit record highs of more than $66,000.

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Author: Greyson Kelly

Greyson Kelly is a business writer living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He writes extensively on technological trends, cryptocurrency, and ‘cutting edge’ industry topics. He has an MBA in Business and has over a decade of experience in communications and public relations.

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