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Bitcoin Scam Instagram: Why this Phrase Matters

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The volume of internet searches for 'bitcoin scam instagram' has rocketed following incidents of accounts on the Meta platform being hacked. The Identity Theft Resource Centre (ITRC) reported a significant increase in victims of Instagram account takeovers linked to Bitcoin scams since October 2021.

According to ITRC findings, fraudsters construct Instagram posts regarding Bitcoin investments to entice other users. When a user clicks on the link, their money is gone, and their Instagram credentials are compromised. The victim's Instagram account is then locked, and the account is utilised to post further links to phoney Bitcoin investments. This is what has sparked the rise in searches for 'bitcoin scam instagram' on Google.

You should never disclose your Instagram account passwords to anybody else. Use a strong password and two-factor authentication to secure your account. If an Instagram post appears too good to be true, it most often is.

Bitcoin Instagram scams and hacked Bitcoin Instagram accounts have been around for a long time. However, the ITRC is witnessing a considerable increase in victim queries concerning hijacked Instagram accounts. The Centre says it is now receiving four times as many reports each month than it has previously.

This heightened awareness is mirrored in the increased online interest in 'bitcoin scam instagram' searches. According to the ITRC, fraudsters impersonate people their victims know to get personal information. Some victims are discovering that their Instagram accounts have been locked and that fraudsters are posting things in the hopes of defrauding others.

Some victims have complained that even if they did not submit their information to a scammer, they still had a hacked account or account takeover. While it appears that users are being targeted in numerous ways to get login information, their account information may also have been accessed using information from breaches, including Facebook login information, especially if the username and password were never updated.

The ITRC has also seen victims have their accounts faked using their public photos. Cybercriminals then track the victims and send them communications containing a scam or harmful link.

There are steps you can take to protect yourself:

• Never give out your password or any other sensitive information to anybody • Make sure your password is difficult to guess • On your account, enable two-factor authentication (2FA). Go to "Settings," "Security," and then "Two-Factor Authentication" to enable 2FA on Instagram. Tap "Get Started," then either "Authentication App" or "Text Message." Because SMS messages can be faked, the ITRC suggests using an authentication app • Check that the email address linked with the account is safe. It is also a good idea to use 2FA to safeguard your email • Third-party apps should not be downloaded through a social networking platform. Download software only from Apple, Google, and Microsoft's official app stores

You can contact the ITRC to learn more about stolen Instagram accounts and what you can do to secure the information that a fraudster may have access to.

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Author: Emmanuel Baiden

Author: Emmanuel Baiden

7 years experience within the financial services sector most notably in Sales, Trading, research and writing articles within the crypto space. I have a bachelor's degree in International Business and a Master's in Investment and Risk Finance . I am also an associate member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment.

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