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Bitgert Price Prediction

bitgert price prediction
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The crypto community is interested in the Bitgert price prediction. The cryptocurrency has had a swell 2022 so far, which makes it necessary to make predictions for the future. This piece will look at everything factored into the forecasts and what the figures tell us.

What is Bitgert?

With an initial launch in July 2021 on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Bitgert is a blockchain network looking to redefine efficiency and cost in the crypto ecosystem. As of now, the platform plays host to infrastructures like Knit Finance (a DeFi protocol), Miidas NFT (a marketplace), and SPYNX (a decentralized exchange).

Originally launched on the Binance Smart Chain, the platform used BNB to give rewards. However, the dedicated team behind the project has, since February 2022, launched its native BRISE chain. The BRC20 smart contract powers the new BRISE chain.

Launching its native blockchain allows developers to build

DApps while using BRISE as the native token.

Unlike other blockchains, the BRISE chain uses the proof-of-authority framework, which enables short block times and reduced fees. Furthermore, the chain's smart contract is compatible with Ethereum virtual machine.

Other developers' perks of using the BRISE network include; the issuance of new tokens, running full nodes to access live transaction updates, creating DApp wallets and tools on the network, etc.

The network also has an incubation program, where the platform helped launch projects using the BRISE chain. Through the program, the Bitgert team has helped developers with crypto issuance, which resulted in fundraising through public and private token sales. Other perks of the Bitgert incubation program for developers include providing technical and marketing support.

Efforts invested by the Bitgert team have caused the platform to grow considerably since its launch. Though most of the projects on the BRISE chain are still in the early development stage, Sphynx Labs, Omniaverse, and Eco Finance have recorded some degree of success.

Understanding BRISE tokenomics

Since the BRISE token is now hosted on its native BRISE chain, taking a look at Bitgert price prediction is now pertinent. The tokenomics of BRISE is influenced by several factors. Firstly, for users who stake their BRISE, rewards are paid in BUSD. Also, users can leverage the BRISE coin as a peer-to-peer payment infrastructure within the platform's wallet. The in-wallet transactions incur no fee.

To further bolster the BRISE economy, a cryptocurrency buyback concept was introduced. The buyback concept ensures that when investors buy and hold the coin, its value increases directly with demand.

Hence, a 5% buyback tax is stored within the contract for each transaction. When sales occur, a fraction of the tax is used to buy tokens from the liquidity pool. The tokens bought are then subsequently and immediately burned.

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Potential Bitgert landmines

Bitgert network has done some incredible work over the past year. However, there are issues investors need to be careful of. One such discrepancy is the 98% security rating the platform scored in this audit. Proper audits are meant to be done by a non-biased third party. The landmine here is that Bitgert itself did the audit.

Another issue discovered in the Bitgert ecosystem is the vagueness of the platform’s social contribution plans. There are no mentions of affiliates, action plans, etc.

Furthermore, there are reported bot activities on the Bitgert Twitter account, among other social media anomalies. Some of these have been mitigated by their team at the time of writing.

There are other minor issues across the network, which make it vital that you do your research before aping into the project.

Price history analysis

Historically, Bitgert’s price has been impressive. However, this doesn’t guarantee positive charts for the future. Upon launch, Bitgert’s price was $0.000000003564. Subsequently, it attained an all-time high of $0.00000404 in August 2021. However, at the end of 2021, the price was back to $0.0000003399.

The same up-and-down chart movements saw prices go from $0.000001849 to $0.0000002634 between March and June. The coin's price upon listing on the Huobi exchange was $0.00000066. During this listing, there were 395 trillion BRISE circulating the market out of a quadrillion total supply.

With a market capitalization of $262, Bitgert ranks as the 221st crypto. It is important to note that Bitgert is not a stablecoin.

Bitgert price prediction

It would be best to remember that cryptocurrency price predictions aren't always accurate. They are unavoidably based on sentiments, trends, data, and price history analysis. That said, here are some Bitgert price predictions worth looking at for the next year:

• AMBCrypto predicts a price range of $0.00 to $0.0000013 for 2023, with an average rate of $0.0000011 per BRISE. For 2024, a price range of $0.0000011 and $0.0000017 is predicted, with an average rate of $0.0000014 per BRISE. For 2025, a price range of $0.0000014 to $0.0000022 is predicted, with an average rate of $0.0000018 per BRISE. predicts a price of $0.00000058 by September 2023 and $0.00000083 by 2024. Furthermore, a range of $0.000000091 and $0.000001095 is predicted between the beginning and last month of 2025.

• TechNewsLeader predicted $0.00000135 for BRISE in 2023 and $0.000002 for 2024. For 2025, the Bitgert price prediction is $0.0000028.

• Crypto Bulls Club made a Bitgert price prediction ranging between $0.00001061 and $0.00001167 for 2023. For 2024, the Bitgert predicted price is $0.00003383 while stating a range of $0.000089 and $0.000098 for 2025.

• Gov Capital didn’t give specifics per year. However, they predicted a long-term value of $0.000001, with occasional rises above $0.000002.


Bitgert is witnessing fast ecosystem growth, with more than 1,000 partnerships in the works, among other efforts being put in place by the team. Overall, the project looks promising and worthy of some attention. In the end, it's up to your research and gut feeling.

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