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Bloktopia Metaverse- A Guide

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Bloktopia is a decentralised Metaverse that provides an unprecedented VR experience for the crypto community.

It brings users together in one immersive and engaging environment. Bloktopia is built and backed by Polygon.

Bloktopians are those who own tokens. It is a 21-story skyscraper built to honour the 21 million Bitcoins. It serves as a primary focus for all levels of crypto expertise. For the first time, consumers can obtain crypto knowledge and immersive multimedia in one location.

Bloktopia's ecosystem

The ecosystem of Blocktopia is primarily made up of $BLOK, the Metaverse's native currency. Players can use $BLOK to acquire land assets and advertisement rights, granting users ownership of $REBLOK and $ADBLOK tokens.


$BLOK is an ERC-20 token and Bloktopia's native cryptocurrency, with a maximum supply of 199.87 billion tokens. Only 15% of the fungible tokens are now in circulation, but this figure will likely climb by the end of the year's fourth quarter.

$BLOK serves as the Metaverse's utility token and will be required for various in-game functions. $BLOK tokens are needed for everything from purchasing NFTs from vendors on the floor to attending elite clubs. Similarly, purchasing land from portals requires users to spend $BLOK tokens to transfer ownership of a specific land tract.

The $BLOK coin can be purchased via various cryptocurrency exchanges, including QuickSwap, KuCoin, Hotbit, and many others.


The purchase of real estate in Bloktopia is known as Reblok.

Following the BLOK token distribution event, Bloktopians can purchase real estate (TGE). Bloktopians can speculate on the property and either resell for a profit or lease it for passive income prospects because real estate will be a valued commodity within Bloktopia.


Bloktopia takes advantage of emerging technology and the notion of virtual land to allow prominent companies to market their products in front of a large audience. Advertising for large brands worldwide will earn significant cash within the Metaverse, and $REBLOK owners are urged to lend digital screens for advertising reasons.

Users can purchase $ADBLOK to receive a portion of the revenue generated by advertising. Bloktopia will collaborate with tier-1 brands to publicise their content. Any income earned by advertising for these brands will be shared with $ADBLOK holders.

How to earn with Bloktopia

The Metaverse aims to allow its members to use their creative abilities and innovative approaches to entertain others while offering avenues for monetary gain. Fortunately, Bloktopia provides attractive chances for its members to use and earn real-world money while contributing to the massive market cap.

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Play-to-earn games

Bloktopia has a wealth of play-to-earn (P2E) games that allow players to earn money from the Metaverse through in-game prizes. Players can earn valuable rewards through fungible and non-fungible tokens by engaging in gameplay and accomplishing various tasks and objectives throughout the central hub.

Virtual enterprise

The 21-story skyscraper allows interested people to own a shop on any level and provide unique services. Landowners can use the space to start virtual enterprises selling NFTs and other in-demand services. Significant brands are opening virtual stores in the Metaverse to display brand messaging and promotions and sell branded NFTs on the marketplace.

ADBLOK purchase

Bloktopians can earn passive income through advertising revenue sharing by purchasing ADBLOK tokens using the native NFT gateway. The developers will share the cash made by displaying adverts on numerous ad screens across the Metaverse if they purchase ADBLOK. The more impressions an advertisement receives, the more revenue is made.


Bloktopia is powered by Polygon, with Animoca Brands, Magnus Capital, Jake Paul, and BullPerks as critical partners.

Ross Tavakoli is the project's founder. His extensive knowledge in the crypto sector and retail investment gave him an advantage in the nascent market, as did his vision for Bloktopia.

Paddy Carrol is a co-founder, and his marketing knowledge makes him an asset to the Bloktopia team.

Libby Rothwell, the commercial director in charge of developing commercial relationships, and Simon Benson, the project's technical lead, also offered their talents and time to the project.

Current price

The current price of $BLOK is US$0.002267, with a 24-hour trading volume of $591,983. The circulating supply of $BLOK is 17.54bn $BLOK, with a maximum supply of 199.87bn. It has gained 0.21% in the previous 24 hours. It is now -2.83% off its seven-day high of $0.002333 and 5.82% off its seven-day low of $0.002142.


It is early days, but with each project update, more content and in-game settings are introduced, making the Metaverse more enjoyable. Bloktopia is now one of the most popular live Metaverses built on cryptocurrency, with many active users.

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