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Boryoku DragonZ NFT: A Good Investment?

22, November, 2022

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Boryoku DragonZ is a promising addition to Solana’s NFT library, but is the collection worth investing in?

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Image Source: Asia Crypto Today

There are countless NFT collections and projects out there that have flooded the blockchain industry. But, just a handful make it to the big stage. Lately, Solana has been claiming many of the top spots. One such project that's gradually rising through the ranks is Boryoku DragonZ NFT. We'll take a look at what the project is and whether or not it has any earning possibilities for users. So, without further ado, let's get into it.

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What is Boryoku DragonZ NFT?

Well, the name itself is pretty self-explanatory, with the project being an NFT collection of various animated dragons. The design theme is easily the first thing you’ll notice about the collection. The retro-style makes the entire series feel like a standout from Solana's vast NFT project library.

Moreover, the project can be considered mostly an investment opportunity. There's no application, game, or any other piece of utility tied to the NFTs. The main idea behind the Boryoku DragonZ NFT is to collect the NFTs, breed them together, and hatch new eggs. As you may have guessed, holding these NFTs will reward you with money, paid in the game's own cryptocurrency, $BOKU.

How much can I earn from Boryoku DragonZ NFT?

As per the official numbers from the developers, a common DragonZ NFT will pay its holder seven $BOKU per day. Considering its current price in $USD, that translates to around $0.35. So, owning one dragon for an entire month could bag you about $10.

Now, this doesn’t seem too bad of an investment, as you can easily find DragonZ for less than $10 on Magic Eden. If you purchase multiple of them and HODL for a few months, it could likely turn out to be a profitable investment.

However, in the crypto space, nothing is guaranteed. The price of $BOKU could very well drop - or it could spike up too. Ensure you do your own research, and only invest if you're sure about what you're doing.

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