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Calvaria Crypto: An Epic P2E Game

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Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a play-to-earn (P2E) battle card game with a Mexican-inspired storyline based in the afterlife and its own crypto token, $RIA. Led by Maxwell Borowski, Jeremy Robb, Paul Reed, Justina, and Co., the goal of the Calvaria team is to accelerate the mass adoption of blockchain gaming.

Calvaria crypto: What is it?

Supported by KuCoin, Windvane, and Polygon Studios, the Calvaria Universe is set in two cities - Arcilla Divina and Miaquilia - and The Void. The platform is built on Polygon.

The Calvaria team claims to serve as a "bridge" between cryptocurrency and the world, saying it is an "ambassador to gamify the learning process, guiding users into crypto". But it fails to get the first thing right: keeping it simple. Arcilla Divina is described in a complicated manner and does not capture the reader’s attention.

What we can decipher from this description is that the 'dark' city will perpetually take new forms, with "the buildings themselves" warping, degenerating, and even seeming to "tremble at times".

The main characters of Arcilla Divina are Santa Muerte, El Maldito, and El Pesado.


Miaquilia is described as the “greatest of human cities, both a marvel and a testament to mankind's collective imagination”. The futuristic city constantly takes “new forms as architects, engineers, and artists make bids for alterations''. The city boasts of “large dining halls, pleasure domes, and libraries”.

The main characters of Maquilia include Quetzalqoatl, Ocelotl, and Yahui.


As the name suggests, The Void is an “endless yet murky black expanse” comprising a temple and ivory forests. Those who arrive at The Void are “granted true unconscious and final rest, a sleep to never awaken from”.

The character cast of The Void is The Void, Crowing Dusk, and Eye of Void.


These nine characters are part of the Calvaria battle card game. Each character card has a distinguished set of abilities. The game's goal is to defeat opponents using complex tactics and strategies to win rewards in the form of the platform's native currency, $RIA, collectible NFT tokens, and numerous upgrades.

The platform has a dedicated NFT marketplace. Players can compete in the single-player mode, play against one another, and participate in seasonal tournaments.

Each game resource (decks, unique cards, and upgrades) belong to players and can be sold on secondary markets (such as OpenSea and Rarible).

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Calvaria crypto $RIA utility and tokenomics

$RIA is an ERC-20 token that fuels the Calvaria ecosystem, thereby maintaining economic stability. The token can be purchased on BKEX, LBank, Changelly, and Uniswap (TBA at the time of writing). The crypto asset can also be won as a reward upon playing the game.

The crypto token has a fixed supply of 1,000,000,000 $RIA. Here is a breakdown of the tokenomics:

• Staking pool: 25%

• Prize pool: 20%

• Presale: 15%

• Reserve and Burn: 15%

• Operations: 8%

• INO: 6%

• Team: 5%

• Liquidity: 4%

• Advisors: 2%

The $RIA presale (Q4 2022 to January 2023) was successful, with the pledged 150,000,000 tokens being sold and more than $3M being raised over five stages. As per Coingecko data, the cryptocurrency is currently trading at $0.033.

Presale investors can now claim their crypto tokens by visiting the website and connecting the same wallet they used to purchase the cryptocurrency. To proceed, click on the “CLAIM” button. You should receive the tokens in your wallet almost immediately.

You must have some Ethereum (ETH) in your wallet for the transaction to take place. Please enter the below information into your wallet to see the deposited $RIA:

Token address: 0x9b110Fda4E20DB18Ad7052f8468a455de7449eb6 Decimals: 18 Symbol: RIA Name: Calvaria: Duels of Eternity INO and seed participants will receive their cryptocurrency via airdrop.

What is next for Calvaria crypto?

The alpha version of the game will launch in Q2 2023. Meanwhile, several INOs and NFT drops are set to take place in Q1 2023. The official game launch will take place in Q3 2023.

While the game looks fantastic on paper, there are several areas for the team to work on. As mentioned before, simplicity is key. The website content should be worked on.

Recently, upon launching $RIA on BKEX, several users faced issues with deposits and withdrawals of the cryptocurrency on BKEX. With mainstream launch and adoption around the corner, Calvari must take greater onus in such situations.


Source: Twitter (@CalvariP2E)

To put it into perspective, a user commented that “the launch of your token was really bad”.

All said and done, investors are excited, and rightly so.

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