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Carbon Token: New Ways to Play and Earn

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Play to earn is a corner of crypto with a huge following in the Far East. The rise of the Carbon platform, and the Carbon token, could help P2E make its mark in the West.

Play to earn is the concept of earning crypto for playing games on your mobile or computer. Rewards usually come in the form of NFTs or cryptocurrencies, earnt by players for completing tasks or winning battles against opponents. P2E games are built with blockchain technology, allowing users to buy, sell, and trade any in-game items, tokens, or NFTs with other players and on the open market.

Click here for a detailed breakdown of the roots of P2E, or GameFi.

Next level gaming

The latest P2E platform to hit the market is Carbon gaming. With three titles already slated for release, Carbon allows users to accrue passive income while indulging in their favourite hobby.

Each game is crafted to give players unique gaming experiences. From Snakes to Battle Tanks to Isles of Carbonia, this diversified platform is helping to usher in the next level of online gaming.

Every game allows users to accumulate either Carbon token (CRBN) or NFTs. These can then be held or traded via popular platforms such as UniSwap, PancakeSwap,, or HotBit.

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Mobile app

However, Carbon is not just about gaming. This powerful platform provides users with various extra features, such as social media, encrypted messaging, a crypto portfolio tracker, and micropayments for tipping.

Carbon is yet to be developed for the Apple iPhone, but an Android mobile app can be found on the Google Play store. The desktop version can be found at Whatever platform you choose to access, the experience is flawless throughout.


The Carbon token, CRBN, has a max supply of 50 million and a circulating supply just short of 33 million. With a current token price of $0.0157, the project has a total market cap of $518,000.

Given the popularity of P2E gaming in South East Asia, there is every chance Carbon will prove as popular as other play-to-earn giants like Axie Infinity, which boasts more than 700,000 online players.

Carbon has a strong following on social media, with more than 15,500 followers on Twitter, where followers are supplied with product updates and giveaways. Interested parties can also find more information via Telegram and Discord.

Each game boasts a vast range of ways players can gather Carbon token, which leads to a satisfying and rewarding experience. Users can even earn rewards for creating social media posts and encouraging engagement which adds a whole other angle to the user experience.

Furthermore, you don't have to be a crypto expert to enjoy the Carbon platform. Setup is easy and instructions are helpful and clear, meaning players can create a profile and start gaming, and earning, within minutes.

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