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Cardano NFT Marketplace Options for You

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Are you looking for the best Cardano NFT marketplace options? Then you've come to the right place.

Cardano is a popular and reputable public blockchain founded by Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Ethereum. It stands out as a Proof-of-Stake blockchain. It features a native token, ADA, that can be used to pay transaction fees and be staked to earn rewards.

Launched in 2017, like Ethereum, Cardano features smart contract functionality. Developers use it to create decentralised apps (dApps) and decentralized finance platforms (DeFi).

Among the many projects built on the Cardano blockchain are NFT marketplaces. The blockchain supports several reputable NFT marketplaces with different features. In this article, we zoom into five of the best Cardano NFT marketplace options.

Launched by a decentralised team in July 2021, is the first Cardano NFT marketplace. It is one of the biggest Cardano NFT marketplaces. features various listing options and supports several Cardano wallets, including Nami and Gero. It has a native token, $CNFT. $CNFT tokens are utility tokens that can be used to access projects on's upcoming Launchpad, special giveaways, promotions, and more.

To access, users must first sign in with a username and password. To purchase any NFT on the platform, users must first fund their crypto wallets. It charges a 2.5% service fee for each NFT sold. is another reputable Cardano NFT marketplace that markets itself as the number one NFT marketplace on Cardano. Its minimalistic design makes it quite user-friendly. Locating available NFTs on the platform is a walk in the park. features several listing options, minting tools, and a Launchpad, allowing NFT creators to mint, verify, distribute, and market their new NFT projects. It supports several crypto wallets, including Nami, Gero, and Typhon. stands out with its open-source smart contracts. The platform is all about transparency. Several other pluses include rarity charts on every asset page, traits filtering, and royalties for creators. This Cardano NFT marketplace charges a 2% service fee.

Trezor home is a great Cardano NFT marketplace that was initially designed as a minting platform before evolving into a smart contract-driven marketplace. Like, it is among the first NFT marketplaces to be launched on Cardano. It was established in March 2021. features various listing options, minting tools, serialised minting, an auction system, creator royalties, and authenticity validation. Like, has a native token, $TKHN, which can be used to buy, sell, and mint NFTs.

While isn’t the most visually appealing Cardano NFT marketplace, it does have a decent social media following. You need to sign up for a user account to mint, sell, or buy any NFT from the Cardano NFT marketplace. There is a 2.5% service fee to consider.

Galaxy of Art

Galaxy of Art is a Cardano NFT marketplace backed by a team of ten persons from Germany, the USA, Greece, and India. The individuals range from programmers, project managers, financial experts, and educational experts to artists.

Like most NFT marketplaces on Cardano, Galaxy of Art claims to be the largest NFT marketplace on Cardano. This is yet to be proven. Launched in January 2022, Galaxy of Art is fairly young. However, it has quickly proven to be a reliable NFT marketplace.

Galaxy of Arts features various listing options, minting tools, and a time auction system. Users are, however, limited to using insider wallets. They cannot link their accounts to external crypto wallets.


Cardahub is an easy-to-use marketplace that markets itself as the most advanced NFT service on Cardano. While its superiority claims are yet to be proven, it is the most technically refined NFT marketplace on Cardano.

Cardahub, among other things, features various listing options, minting tools, collection pages, free and premium minting, and a Launchpad. Its strategic partnerships are another reason it has become quite popular since its launch in 2021. It has over 25 partnerships that have helped with its growth.

Cardaub supports several wallets, including Nami, Gero, Eternl, Flint, and Yoroi. You will have to connect either of the supported crypto wallets to create, sell, or buy NFTs from the platform.

It is impressive that the platform is run by a team of Vietnamese crypto-enthusiasts working remotely from Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, and Vietnam.

Final word

Without a doubt, Cardano supports some of the best NFT marketplaces around. While some are still in their early stages, many continue to show great promise.,, Cardahub,, and Galaxy of Art are only a few of the many NFT marketplaces on Cardano. Most, if not all, of the NFT marketplaces are easy to use and feature various listing options.

With a Cardano wallet, you can easily start minting and selling your NFTs on either of the platforms.

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Author: Jay Jackson

Author: Jay Jackson

Jay Jackson is a crypto trader, researcher and freelance writer. He works closely with people and businesses in the crypto sphere, writing blog posts, guides, press releases, reviews and ebooks.

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