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Coin Hunt World: A New Way to Game

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The Coin Hunt play-to-earn crypto game may soothe the pains of frustrated HODLers whose positions have remained underwater for a year now.

It has been a frustrating period for most crypto HODLers. Things were going well from mid-2020 to November 2021, and it appeared the crypto market would make many people rich. Even grandmothers at the 2021 Thanksgiving Holiday dinners were all getting set to pour their life savings into the market after seeing their grandkids making tons of money from buying just about anything listed in a crypto exchange.

It all came to a crashing end in late November 2021 with the discovery of the Omicron COVID-19 variant. That signalled the market to begin a bearish onslaught that has left 95% of holding positions underwater. A year on, and the market has yet to recover.

The beauty of the crypto market is that it has several ways to earn money. One of these ways is the play-to-earn crypto gaming ecosystem. This is one of the lesser-known channels of crypto earnings which could provide a means of cooling the fingers of investors that have been burnt in the market. Coin Hunt is one such game that deserves mention.

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How does the Coin Hunt work?

Coin Hunt World is a play-to-earn crypto game that uses geolocation technology to enable you to earn rewards for correctly answering trivia questions. These rewards are stuff you can gather from your city or neighbourhood. You can collect keys to unlock vaults that contain prizes. You can send these to your wallets or exchange them for fiat currency and use them. Of course, there are a lot of cryptos up for grabs. The fact that the co-founder of a major crypto exchange (Bittrex) is behind this game, along with a gaming industry veteran, puts a stamp of authenticity on the product.

So how does Coin Hunt work? The concept of the Coin Hunt is to put your mind to work by using your knowledge to earn crypto-based rewards around your city. It is free to play, but you must first download the game on your iPhone or Android device.

After downloading the Coin Hunt app, you will see a screen with a text box that requires you to enter your email. You will get an email verification link, which you have to click to verify your account. Once you have access, the app will show you a map of your neighbourhood along with a green key (your headquarters). The user keys and system vaults that act as the rewards are usually sited more in the populated areas of your town. Only move your green key cursor to areas you stay or visit regularly.

Every user's home base is tagged as the headquarters (HQ). There are five HQ Levels. All new users start at Level 1. Those who used the game before the last upgrade have been upgraded to Level 4.

• Level 1: Benefits include the Mystery Boxes, Mailroom, and Discord communication channel. If you want to demolish your HQ and set it up elsewhere, you can do so, but you will consume one green key. The last option is good for those relocating elsewhere and not wanting to miss out on the game.

• Level 2: A little gearbox on the top right of the screen gives instructions on upgrading to Level 2. This will cost 1,000 resins and 100 green paint tokens. It would be best if you also equipped the green cubie. Complete the tasks to access the User Vaults, which can be accessed using a green key. The vaults contain trivia questions for a chance to earn crypto.

• Level 3: Would require 10,000 resin and 200 yellow paint tokens and equipping the yellow cubie. At this level, you can access the marketplace and buy when an auction occurs.

• Level 4: This is by far the most challenging level to attain. It requires 50,000 resin, 300 red paint tokens, and equipping the red cubie. Accessing this level allows you to sell on the auction house.

How to join the Coin Hunt

The Coin Hunt game app is available in the Play Store and Apple Store. Download the app version compatible with your smartphone or tablet device if you live in the countries where the game is available.

Coin Hunt is available in the US, UK, El Salvador, Canada, and Malaysia. The game is also available in the Philippines, where there is a solid crypto-gaming culture. You can feature in the Community Poll to list your country as a potential new destination for the launch of Coin Hunt.

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