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Coingecko new coins review

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We will look at the top four Altcoins listed in the last 30 days via Coingecko according to price, unique selling points and its vision for the future.

Coingecko new coins - Fudge

The most talked-about Altcoin project is the FUDGE token: it's a high-tech blockchain-based digital money akin to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Every quarter, 10% of the remaining tokens are proportioned and given to all holders' purchase/token holdings.

Users will conduct an intelligent token burn every three months to minimise the available supply until no more unallocated tokens are available. After 12 months, any remaining tokens burn. At all times, the FUDGE team will only own 2% of the tokens.

FUDGE is unusual in that it charges an 8% cost to token sellers, and 50% of the transaction fee is then redistributed to all other FUDGE owners, rewarding those who keep their receipts and discouraging selling. After that, an additional 20% of each original transaction charge is compounded and contributed to the liquidity pool. Six hundred eighteen trillion tokens are available.

Coingecko new coins - Zoopad

Zoopad assists investors in discovering tokens in their early phases before they join the mainstream and investing in them through presales.

ZOOPAD intends to promote fair decentralised launches by distributing prizes evenly across all participants, implying that there would be no first come, first served. All token holders will profit from their platform, letting everyone invest in the most promising new meme tokens.

Investors may buy trending tokens through selling methods such as public sale, fundraising, or a whitelist ICO, IDO... All proceeds from these sales help to repurchase ZOOT. Users that want to participate must have a particular amount of ZOOT on their accounts.

To promote programmable payments and open financial infrastructure development, it employs a basket of fiat-pegged stablecoins algorithmically stabilised by its reserve currency ZOOPAD. The network had transacted an estimated $299 billion for over 2 million members as of December 2020.

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Coingecko new coins – Technoland

Technoland allows you to exchange technology in the metaverse universe freely. It is a Web 3.0 compatible technology product enabling consumers to make purchases using the $TECHNO token with the logic of Shop2Earn.

The key takeaways from the technology include the following:


• Application to BLOKTOPIA.

• CMC/CG fast track.

• LP Locked for 1 Year.

• Experienced team.

• Big Partners.

• Low Tax.

• Solid Tokenomics.

The current Technoland road map involves the following:

• Stocking of top-selling devices.

• Modelling and getting it ready for the Metaverse.

• Prepare the airdrop system.

• Partnership with technology and crypto brands.

• Virtual Reality experiments.

• Launchpad sales on Pinksale.

• Opening a TechnoLAND in Bloktopia.

• Binance Smart Chain for $TECHNO.

• They are dealing with almost all computer parts suppliers.

• Marketing across all platforms.

• The token claim portal is live.

• Structure of the NFT marketing plan.

• Regular communication with their community via AMA.

• Listing significant crypto exchanges.

To conclude

• Staking is live for $TECHNO.

• Begin building our P2E Game.

• New services suggested by members or businesses.

• Multiverse brainstorming.

Coingecko new coins - Block-E.

BLOCK-E is a blockchain-based marketplace; it allows users to buy goods with a Defi wallet and will soon allow users to sell their products. Block-E breaks down financial barriers; the platform provides a secure purchase system; the project's goal is to provide online e-commerce businesses with the benefits of blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology expands prospects for the e-commerce business by delivering enhanced security, total transparency, anonymity, and other benefits. - Blockchain-based e-commerce provides definitive answers to various difficulties that traditional e-commerce businesses face.

BLOCK-E is a marketplace based on blockchain technology. It lets users buy items using the Defi wallet and sell their stuff. The platform offers a secure purchasing procedure.

In sum, there seem to be some promising new coins listed on Coingecko. The logic behind ICO fundraising is that after the product debuts and gains users, demand for its token will rise, leading token prices to shoot up to the advantage of coin holders.

Presale participants have extra incentives on coin purchases to pay for their increased exposure. However, time will tell whether it will add value to consumers causing prices to rise and for it to become more mainstream or whether it is just a flash in the pan.

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Author: Emmanuel Baiden

Author: Emmanuel Baiden

7 years experience within the financial services sector most notably in Sales, Trading, research and writing articles within the crypto space. I have a bachelor's degree in International Business and a Master's in Investment and Risk Finance . I am also an associate member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment.


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