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Coinstar: Buy Crypto with Cash

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Coinstar is about making buying crypto easier - the company based in the US operates coin-cashing machines. The idea is simple: all you have to do is pour your coins into the machine and it does the rest of the work for you.

After you put the coins in the machine, you have three options:

• You can get cash which typically has a convenience fee.

• You can get a no-fee eGift card.

• You can donate to a charity of your liking.

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Buying crypto with Coinstar made easy

The coin-machine giant is partnering with Coinme to make exchanging cash for crypto more straightforward. Since crypto has gained popularity in recent times and is only available to purchase online, many people feel left out.

Coinstar anbd Coinme are doing a phenomenal job at giving people the option to exchange their cash for crypto in three easy steps.

• First, you need to create a Coinme account and claim your crypto wallet, which is free.

• Second, find a Coinstar kiosk near you and buy a crypto voucher for cash at the coin-cashing machine.

• Finally, redeem your voucher instantly and claim your crypto with Coinme.

Crypto offered

Of course, since blockchain technology and crypto have taken the world by storm, you will have a lot of options when you exchange your cash for a crypto voucher. At this time, Coinme offers:

• Bitcoin

• Dogecoin

• Ethereum

• Litecoin

• USD Coin.


• Polygon

• Stellar

If you are someone who has thought about or wants to get into the crypto world, this could be your chance in a straightforward way. With this partnership, the two companies, Coinstar and Coinme, are making buying crypto easier and more accessible than ever. Find a kiosk near you today to exchange cash for crypto vouchers and get started.

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