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Cool Cats NFT: Welcome to Cooltopia

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Despite the creators deciding to remain anonymous, the Cool Cats NFT series is a blue-chip NFT brand with a global community in support.

Beginning life as a simple comic character, 'Blue Cat', the Cool Cats have become a globally recognised brand of digital collectables, animated content, comics, games, and merchandise.

The team behind the NFT collection strives to create a compelling and authentic spark that incorporates innovative products and experiences alongside storylines, immersing the fanatical community into the world of Cooltopia through the adventures of Blue Cat and his friends.

The Cool Cats NFT series aims to become a leading entertainment brand that promotes inclusivity while celebrating 'cool through community-centered storytelling and innovation'.

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Inspired by the creation of Blue Cat in 2013, Cool Cats is a collection of 9,999 NFTs hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. With each NFT assembled from a collection of over 300,000 outfits, facial expressions, and background colours, every randomly generated Cool Cat NFT has its own rarity score and tier.

With such a big emphasis on community, Cool Cats has a massive audience of adoring fans. Discord, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube provide the main community resources, but interested parties can also find more information at the official Cooltopia Resource Hub.

As well as Cool Cats, fans can purchase Cool Pets, a collection of an additional 19,999 NFTs that are 'procedurally generated' through item interaction. The idea is that pets begin as an egg and evolve into their final form – a little like the Tamagotchi toys of old. Users evolve their pets through the Cool Cat GameFi platform, meaning the final Pet is one of 17 million different outcomes.

Players also have the opportunity to purchase one of 11,575 'Fractures', allowing holders to participate in the journey of Blue Cat through Cooltopia, earning rewards as they go. Once the Fracture has achieved full strength (i.e., at the end of the journey), the item is burnt, and the NFT is revealed.


As with other NFT collections, it helps to understand crypto, specifically wallets, before you decide to purchase a Cool Cat. Supported wallets so far include MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet. Connection is relatively straightforward.

Cool Cats, Cool Pets, and Fractures are available on popular NFT marketplace OpenSea. For loyal fans eager to show their allegiance, a range of merchandise is available to purchase from the online store.

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