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Copper Crypto Leaves Nothing to Chance

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Are you an institutional digital asset investor struggling to store a large amount of cryptocurrency? If you answered in the affirmative, you know self-custody or a traditional crypto wallet won't just cut. This article introduces Copper crypto, a third-party custody service provider that offers supped-upped digital investment security.    

What is Copper crypto?

Copper is an online custodian and crypto brokerage platform offering custodian solutions to institutional cryptocurrency investors. Licensed in the UK and Wales, the firm's software is linked to leading cryptocurrency exchanges like Bitfinex, BitMEX, and Binance.

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What does Copper do?

Copper crypto offers cryptocurrency custody solutions, allowing users to create cold storage for their digital assets. The platform guarantees optimum security through a triple-distributed key system which requires multi-signature authorization for withdrawals. Users can choose client-side storage custody or a wholly Copper-controlled service. The platform's two main are:

Walled Garden: The technology protects customers’ crypto assets in cold storage wallets via the multi-signature cosign system that splits private keys into three parts. Moreover, a Copper member or authorized third party must personally sign off transactions for private keys to be moved from cold storage.  

Air-gapping: This cybersecurity measure, mainly associated with military institutions, uses encrypted QR codes to validate transactions and offers extra security besides hastening transactions.  

Who are Copper crypto's major clients?

Copper crypto serves numerous sectors and market segments, mainly B2B, Fintech, blockchain, and cryptocurrency institutions. 

The importance of online custodian solutions for cryptocurrency

Considering the heightened levels of hacking and cyber-attacks targeting cryptocurrency investors, institutional crypto custody enables innovation to thrive technically since institutional investors will no longer worry about asset security.

The availability of institutional-grade crypto custody enables investment companies and developers to turn their attention to building innovative applications instead of burning the midnight oil on the security of their assets. Moreover, the effective custody offered by Copper will help to enhance crypto adoption by institutions.  


The safe custody of crypto assets remains the foundation of a secure and prosperous cryptocurrency. Copper has created the foundation for this industry to develop and strive toward reaching its full potential.

By guaranteeing the highest level of security and protection for institutional crypto assets, Copper is promoting wider innovation, attracting adoption and investment by establishing safe custody of assets. This service is essential for the long-term growth of the cryptocurrency industry.

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Tom Nyarunda

Tom is a freelance writer with over 15-years’ experience in content creation, blog writing, and SEO specializing in the blockchain and cryptocurrency niche. He is a philosophical figurehead who believes that to make our world a better place, we must invest in incorruptible products and procedures, of which Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are leading examples.

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