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Cronos Crypto Publicity Falls Flat at World Cup

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Trezor home was one of the sponsors of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The initiative was taken to promote its Cronos crypto (CRO). It was expected that the publicity campaign at the biggest sports tournament would boost the coin's value.

However, the tournament offererd little exposure to CRO. It failed to trigger any significant price action for the coin. While many cryptocurrencies were consolidating their positions before a potential rally during Christmas, CRO is still bearish. Currently, the trading price of Cronos is only $0.064.

CRO’s market value dropped by 50% in November

Instead of getting a boost, the Cronos crypto price fell by more than 50% in November. The FIFA World Cup did not benefit in providing global exposure. It is partly because of the politicisation of this sports event. The ban on wearing LGBTQ+ armbands and the prohibition of alcohol at tournament venues created controversy.

Currently, the media is mainly generating negative headlines for FIFA and the Qatari Government. It has taken the limelight from the sponsors and has somewhat affected their reputation.

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The effect of FTX contagion

The collapse of the FTX exchange also played its part in the price decline. It has become an unstoppable contagion that has affected numerous DeFi projects. The entire cryptocurrency market experienced the impact of its collapse in November.

CRO suffered from the FTX crash as it is an exchange token like FTT. The FTT token was the native token of the FTX exchange. Likewise, CRO powers the exchange. Cronos felt burnt as investors lost trust in tokens dependent on exchanges' performance.

Unfortunately, CRO remains one of the coins that failed to recover. It was trading at around $0.12 at the start of the month. But after the first week, it saw a sharp decline that persists. At the end of the month, it had shed more than 50% of its market value. It is now trading at around $0.064, according to CoinMarketCap.

Cronos crypto price prediction

Currently, Cronos’ crypto price is less than its 200-day and 50-day simple moving averages (SMA). It is showing a continuous bearish trend while indicating high selling pressure. Moreover, the trends are neutral to bearish for the coming weeks.

Now, let’s see the long-term price predictions for coin. The forecast from shows that next year, CRO’s price will average $0.098. Besides, it may top the price charts with $0.11. Moreover, in 2025 it is likely to maintain the average market value of $0.22. According to these insights, it is expected to reach the $1 mark in 2030 and will average $1.44 in the year.

In comparison, Coin Codex predictions are slightly bullish. It predicts that in 2023, CRO’s value may reach $ 0.193269 to $ 0.332090. Moreover, it suggests that the token may hit $1 in 2025. Potentially, its price may reach $ 1.634169 in the new year.

Is Cronos crypto a good investment?

The coin blockchain introduces an open-source protocol. It allows the mass adoption of digital assets and promotes the benefits of ownership. The token also has the backing of one of the most influential exchanges in the market.

Unfortunately, at the moment, investor confidence is relatively low in such exchange-backed tokens. It is showing bearish trends and has already shed 50% of its value in a month. It seems highly unlikely that the coin will recover in the near future. That's why it does not seem like a good time to buy Cronos.

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Author: Wasay Ali

Author: Wasay Ali

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