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Cronos Crypto Price Prediction

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Since its inception in 2016, Cronos crypto (CRO), developed by CRO Protocol Labs -, has aimed to provide a seamless cryptocurrency experience. Fueled by this goal, it has seen mass adoption around the globe. Cronos' rising curve has seen a steep acceleration and does not seem to slow down.

What is Cronos crypto?

Cronos is a unique next-generation public blockchain created for buyers and sellers. It enables them to use and receive cryptocurrency easily while paying attention to privacy and security. aims to put cryptocurrency in every wallet. The company takes a special interest in assets that increase value. This particular interest has propelled them to develop several investment opportunities that include:

• A staking platform for CRO and NFTs.

• Visa cards with cashback features.

• DeFi protocols that pay interest.

• Swaps and farming.

• Other investment opportunities offering more than 14.5% interest.

What is a CRO Token?

CRO (CRO-USD) is the native token for Initially, it was known as Monaco (MCO), but was rebranded to CRO, matching its exchange, It was an ERC-20, Ethereum-based token that was migrated to the Cronos blockchain ecosystem, launched in February 2022. The CRO token provides crypto-tied benefits, including buying and selling fiat currency, debit cards, trading, borrowing, and lending.

The total supply for CRO totals 30 billion. This is after the burning of 70 billion CRO tokens, the biggest crypto burning in history, which shocked the globe. The remaining 10.4% billion are secured by smart contracts to be burned monthly upon unlock.

The CRO supply is allocated as follows; 20% reserved as capital, 20% for the network's incentives, 10% for community development, 20% for frozen ecosystem grants, and 30% to be released within five years for secondary distribution alongside launching incentives.

You can use the Cronos crypto as an intermediary currency and to convert crypto to fiat and vice versa at affordable rates.

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How to buy Cronos crypto

The best platform to buy CRO is However, CRO is not limited to its exchange but is also available on other popular exchanges like Huobi, Kukoin, and Binance. Here are the steps to follow to buy CRO:

  1. Select your preferred exchange – Ensure your exchange has listed Cronos. Look at the gas fee and ensure they suit your needs. Check to ensure that the exchange has an integrated wallet.

  2. Choose a payment method – After settling on a particular exchange platform, pick the best payment medium. Remember to check for associated fees. Issuers are fond of treating cryptocurrency purchases like cash advances that incur fees upon initiating transactions.

  3. Place your order – If you have already funded your account on the preferred exchange, you can now navigate to the Cronos CRO page. Select the amount you wish to invest on this page and press enter to continue.

  4. Choose your storage – While many exchanges come with integrated wallets, you can still store your CRO in an alternative wallet. You can choose between the "hot" wallet online or the "cold" offline wallet.

The CRO price prognosis

Currently, the price for CRO is at $0.08074, ranking it as the 33rd cryptocurrency (26th January). In circulation, CRO supply sums 25,263,013 692 having a market capitalization of $1,579,112.361. From the Energy Web Token (EWT) perspective, CRO has already hit its maximum retracement targets. A reversal is expected soon. CRO has multiple utilities and thus offers high hopes for investing in it.

In 2023, according to our analysis, expect the price to range between $0.71 and $1.07. The average price should be $0.89.

Moving forward to 2024, you can expect prices between $0.9 and $1.36, with an average price of $1.13. In 2025, the price could range between $1.15 and $1.73, averaging $.144. The 2026 expectations lie between $.146 and $2.20 and an average price of $1,86.

This is an optimistically smooth appreciation curve for long-term investors. However, remember that it is all based on its ongoing developments and social sentiment from the online community.

Wrap up

Cronos crypto is still in its infancy. Having performed well last year and proven to have invested in interesting developments like credit cards, NFT staking platform, and DeFi passive earning schemes.

CRO is likely to go up, but could just as easily go down. Crypto is volatile. Deep research of a specific cryptocurrency is needed before investing.

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