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Crypto Prices UK: BTC and SHIB on the Rise

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The crypto market in the UK has seen a significant jump in value in the new year, with BTC prices seeing a 3.45% hike and SHIB experiencing a 2.08% increase, among other cryptocurrencies. So far this year, the crypto scene has been optimistic. The hikes mentioned above have all happened over a 24-hour period alone.

And it isn't just Bitcoin and SHIB. A selection of other cryptocurrencies have seen a similar price hike. These include such altcoins as Solana (SOL), with a jump of 3.31%, and Ethereum (ETH), number two to BTC, successfully crossing the £1,143 mark with a 0.76% price hike. Polygon (MATIC) has also seen a significant 2.61% hike. is running its bull period in full force and has seen a whopping 18.23% rise in the last 24 hours alone. The token's value has skyrocketed, by an impressive 99.43%, in the last week alone.

Crypto prices UK are on the rise along with the global crypto market After a bruising 2022, the cryptocurrency markets have started this year with a more positive energy. The global crypto market has seen a 2.01% increase in 24 hours. The market cap stands at £739.21billion now. There has been a 23.88% increase in the total crypto value in a day. It now stands at £46.57 billion.

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BTC hikes by 3.45%

With a 3.45% price hike in the last 24 hours, BTC is now valued at £15,394. There has been a long wait for BTC to cross the $18,000 mark.



Inevitably, the rise in price for Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, has subsequently increased the trading volume by 34.55% too.

SHIB rises by 2.08%

This token, which started as a meme, has seen a 2.08% hike over the last day. The crypto is now valued at £0.0000078 with a £4.72 billion market cap. The trading volume also saw a spike of 6.12% as the price increased.


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