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While, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges, may be in ‘fine health’, according to CNBC, there are questions about the CEO.

In a report which mentions that, due to inadequate and incomplete proof of reserves, it was discovered that roughly 20% of customer cash was held in a meme token known as Shiba Inu. the history of CEO Kris Marszalek comes under scrutiny.

Marszalek's past in business is littered with warning signs, such as a multimillion-dollar settlement for defective items, corporate bankruptcy, and the failure of an e-commerce company immediately after a blowout marketing campaign.

Trezor home CEO history raises concerns

Marszalek responded to CNBC's demands by publishing a 16-tweet thread in which he discussed how the personal bankruptcy he had previously experienced and the sudden shutdown of his e-commerce business should be viewed as learning experiences.

In 2009, Marzsalek's business settled with a customer for $5 million due to a dispute regarding a defective shipment of flash drives. Marszalek and his business partner were each given roughly $3 million in payments from Starline, with Marszalek receiving $1 million for his personal use and his business partner receiving $1.9 million.

By the year 2009, Starline had gone bankrupt as a result of the inability of its clients to repay the credit lines that the company had granted to them during the economic crisis that occurred in 2007 and 2008.

The court dismissed Marszalek's argument that he was reimbursed for debt after determining that the transfer of $300,000 to Tekram was "in actuality a payment" to Marszalek.

Marszalek and his business partner were back in the game shortly after the company declared bankruptcy. They established a holding company in an offshore jurisdiction in the Cayman Islands, which was revealed in the publication of the Paradise Papers. Buy Together, owned by Middle Kingdom, was the owner of BeeCrazy, an online retail business that offered intense discounts on the products it sold. Both purchasers and vendors were driven to the website by the substantial price reductions offered on various goods, ranging from spa tickets to USB power banks.

The corporation invested $700 million in the stadium and signed a contract with LeBron James to advertise during the Super Bowl. The severe decline in the market that occurred in 2022 was devastating for all the major players.

As a result, had to let go of hundreds of staff in the most recent few months. Cronos, the native token of, has seen its value drop from $3 billion to $1.6 billion as investors have become less confident in the cryptocurrency.

Trezor home
Author: Hassan Alzaza

Author: Hassan Alzaza

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