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Cryptocurrency Books to Read: A Guide

cryptocurrency books
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A guide to cryptocurrency books to read: Well-written cryptocurrency books to help boost your understanding of the crypto space.

As the popularity of cryptocurrency increases, so does the need to understand it better grow. That is where well-written cryptocurrency books can help.

Of course, many crypto influencers are available to give you a clear view of what the space is about, but some people gain better insights when they read books. This article contains a list of five cryptocurrency books that may give you a better understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

If you are interested in the crypto market, what you need, is a strong guide to help put you through all you need to know about cryptocurrency. In addition, reading cryptocurrency books written by experienced crypto experts will give you an upper hand in the crypto space.

How to identify helpful cryptocurrency books

There are many books about cryptocurrency; some are very useful, while others are a waste of time. The best way to select only the relevant cryptocurrency books is to do your own research before purchasing any book. Look out for reviews and feedback, and see what the content includes. A quick look at the table of content can sometimes easily identify if it contains what you need.

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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Books

There are a lot of wonderful reads to help guide you through the crypto space. Here's a list of a select few that can give you a better understanding of how cryptocurrency works.

Mastering Bitcoin: This was written by Andreas M. Antonopoulos, a popular cryptocurrency influencer. The book was published in 2014 and has proven to be very helpful in the crypto space. As the name suggests, this book's focus is everything you need to know about Bitcoin, from how the Bitcoin transaction works to the workings of the blockchain.

Blockchain Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction in 25 Steps: The book was written by Daniel Drescher, a banking expert who has mastered the blockchain. Understanding how blockchain works has proven difficult for many people due to its technical aspects. Drescher, in his book, has created a simple approach to understanding how the blockchain works. The book also explains the impact of blockchain technology on the financial system.

The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains: If you are new to the crypto space, this is the most read for you. Antony Lewis took his time to explain what cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are truly about, and why they have value. I found this read really interesting and relevant in terms of understanding the blockchain basics. Lewis also traces the history of money in this book and how the banking system works. This book covers much ground on crypto, from explaining how a smart contract works to making wise risk investments, identifying crypto scams, and much more.

Cryptocurrency: A list of cryptocurrency books wouldn't be complete without this book. What makes it exciting is that it doesn't focus on a particular cryptocurrency. The book was released in 2017 by Abraham K. White. White explained all you need to know about cryptocurrency, including crypto mining, trading, and investment. Crypto beginners will find this read very helpful.

Bitcoin Billionaires: I saved this book for last because it is a bit different from the others. After learning what crypto is about and learning the basics of blockchain, you will need a little motivation to set you on the right track. The story of the Winklevoss Twins will serve as the perfect motivation for you.

This book, written by Ben Mezrich, tells the story of the Winkelvoss twins who tried to become venture capitalists, but failed. They later learned about cryptocurrency, and by November 2017, they became the first Bitcoin billionaires. The book is basically about the early days of crypto.


There are many more engaging cryptocurrency books to read both online and offline. Endeavour to read these listed books as they will serve as a guide for you in the world of cryptocurrency.

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