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DAO Maker: Beginners Guide

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DAO Maker is a blockchain project Launchpad that provides growth solutions to crypto startups. Since its launch in 2017, it has launched over 100 crypto projects and raised over $30 million. Some of its most successful projects include My Neighbor Alice, Orion Protocol, and LaunchX.

Besides investment opportunities, the platform also provides other services, including incubation, operations, and advisory services, which help grow nascent blockchain-based projects.

The platform

There are many reasons the DAO Maker is considered the best Initial DEX Offering (IDO) and Initial DEX Offering (IGO) Launchpad for crypto projects.

It also has excellent features and products that enable worthwhile service delivery. Its most notable features and products include the DAO; Pad: a multi-investment platform that connects the Launchpad's community with upcoming crypto projects.

Vaults: they are used to participate in DAO's offering and refundable token sale methods that include Strong Holders Offering (SHO), SEED sales, and Dynamic Coin offering (DYCO). Token holders can also stake their tokens in the vaults and earn yields.

Instant Swap: It allows crypto holders to swap their non-custodial wallet cryptocurrencies into the platform's utility tokens on decentralized exchanges.

Hub: it enables participants to earn social activity scores by promoting links and tweets generated by the project via the Hub Feed.

Social mining is another product that allows crypto startups to create communities and online exposure for their growth. It helps with building their ecosystems.

How the platform works

DAO Maker requires users to lock up a certain amount of native tokens to participate in a project launch. For every token you stake, you'll receive 1 DAO Power. You can allocate your DAO Power to the sale you want to participate in.

Your position will be put into 1 of 5 available tranches, depending on the number of DAO Power you've spent. The trenches are;

· Tranche 1: 500–999 DAO Power

· Tranche 2: 1,000–1,999

· Tranche 3: 2,000–3,999

· Tranche 4: 4,000–9,999

· Tranche 5: 10,000+ DAO Power

The more DAO Power you hold, the higher your chances of winning a participation slot. If your allocation wins, your DAO Power will be locked for ten days. If it doesn't win, your DAO power will be returned immediately.

The team

Christoph Zaknun and Giorgio Marciano are the co-founders of DAO Maker. Zaknun is the CEO, and Marciano the CTO. Zaknun holds a Bachelor's degree in robotics. He is credited with launching the Dog ICO. Before getting into the crypto space, he was a medical student. Marciano is a heavily experienced entrepreneur and IT engineer with over 13 years of experience in software development.

Other team members include Malte Christensen the COO, and Hassan Sheikh the CMO, a former lecturer in Mathematics and experienced business strategist. The Launchpad has more than 20 team members working to better its service delivery.

The native token

The DAO token is the native utility token of the platform. The token can be used to participate in token sales on the DAO Pad platform. It can be staked to earn yields via the vaults. It can also be used to vote on various decisions concerning the platform's future.

The tokens have a max supply cap of 312,000,000 coins. There are currently 83,503,449 coins in public circulation. As of the time of writing, according to Coinmarketcap, each coin is worth $1.92. They are ranked 154th largest cryptocurrencies by market cap.

The digital coins can be bought on several crypto exchanges, including KuCoin,, Instant Swap, Bithumb, and Uniswap.

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Successful projects launched on the platform

· Orion Protocol: A Defi platform aggregates liquidity from centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges, and swap pools.

· My Neighbor Alice: A multiplayer blockchain-based game where players can buy and own land and gather and collect unique items.

· LaunchX: a decentralized multi-chain IDO Launchpad platform that allows startups to raise funds across multiple blockchains.

· DeRace: The world's first decentralized, blockchain-based racehorse platform.


Since its launch, DAO Maker has entered and continues to enter into strategic partnerships that help with its growth. So far, the Launchpad has partnered with the TRON network, Alliance Block, Alchemy Pay, PAID Network, Rainforest Foundation, Fantom Foundation, 4IRE LABS, Israeli Block Association (IBA), and the Warena Project, among others.

In August 2022, the platform announced a partnership with Binance for Custody service. It will use Binance's custody solutions to safeguard its assets and ensure they comply with all necessary regulations.

Into the NFT space

As of 2022, DAO Maker is venturing into the NFT space and Metaverse. It is soon adding an NFT Launchpad to its product listing, and its first project will be the Maradona D10S NFT collection.

The NFT collection will feature 5,000 profile pictures of the late Diego Maradona, a world-renowned football player. The collection supports all Maradona's heirs and is the first-ever official Maradona-licensed NFT project.


DAO Maker faces some competition from other blockchain-based Launchpads. Polkastarter is a significant competitor that has launched over 100 projects and raised close to $50 million in funding.

The protocol, built on the Polkadot Network, is similar to DAO Maker. For example, it requires users to stake tokens to participate in early-stage investments. Their Launchpad also supports Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) projects.

Bottom line

DAO Maker has many features and products that enable it to stay true to its statement as the best IDO and IGO Launchpad for crypto projects worldwide.

The platform offers a lot to crypto startups. Such projects have a reputable place to get the funding they need. They also have access to other services, including incubation, operations, and advisory services, that can help them grow.

Although its token is not performing that well as of writing, several crypto prediction platforms predict a promising future. However, it is the crypto space. You can never be too sure.

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Author: Jay Jackson

Author: Jay Jackson

Jay Jackson is a crypto trader, researcher and freelance writer. He works closely with people and businesses in the crypto sphere, writing blog posts, guides, press releases, reviews and ebooks.

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