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Do Kwon Red Notice Explained

red notice mark on image of Do Kwon, Terraform labs founder.
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On 15 September, 2022, South Korean prosecutors announced they had requested the international crime agency Interpol to issue Terra Labs co-founder Do Kwon a red notice.

The red notice is an international call to arms for all law enforcement agencies to locate and apprehend a person for extradition or similar legal actions.

Putting Do Kwon on the list makes him a man of interest to all law enforcement agencies anywhere in the world, making it difficult for him to hide.

On 19 September, South Korean prosecutors put out an arrest warrant for Kwon. This comes after they launched an investigation into Kwon and some associates at TerraLab after the fall of Terra Luna, which caused investors to lose $60 billion.

Why was the red notice issued?

According to South Korean prosecutors, reaching out to Interpol for help was a reaction to the TerraLab co-founder's lack of cooperation with the investigation launched after the disastrous collapse of Luna.

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Do Kwon red notice 'hoax'?

Through all of this, Kwon has maintained that the red notice is an elaborate hoax. According to Kwon, the red notice is disputed since he hasn't received any official message.

It isn't only him who thinks this way. Some people also believe the Do Kwon red notice might just be South Korea's way of putting a target on Kwon's back.

Where is Do Kwon now?

In the months since South Korean prosecutors asked Interpol to put Do Kwon on the infamous red list, the wanted co-founder has been nowhere to be found. Ironically, Do Kwon has made several tweets debunking the allegations that he is on the run and in hiding.

South Korean prosecutors have, however, maintained that Do Kwon has refused to make himself available to face the charges levelled against him in his home country.

Although Do Kwon was said to be in Dubai in October, no one has been able to confirm his whereabouts despite him being a guest on several podcasts. That was until 11 December, when it came to light that Do Kwon had moved to Serbia from Dubai. The South Korean authorities are now in talks with Serbia's law enforcement agencies to gain cooperation in apprehending Kwon.

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