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Dr Who Worlds Apart: The Time is Now

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Greetings, Whovians, and welcome to Dr Who Worlds Apart.

Have you ever thought of jumping in the TARDIS and travelling across the universe? Well, now you can. A collaboration between Reality Gaming Group and the BBC has brought the longest-running and most successful science-fiction television show in the universe to your digital decks.

Dr Who Worlds Apart is a digital card trading game where players can collect, battle, and trade in real time:

• Assemble your decks with your favorite characters, objects, and moments from the adventures of the Timelord.

• Trade - buy and sell cards on the Worlds Apart native marketplace with users from around the globe. Buy card packs and tokens on the online store.

• Battle it out with friends in the online game to conquer all of time and space!

How Dr Who Worlds Apart works

By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, Reality Gaming Groups (RGG) has transformed digital collectible cards into secure, protected, and scarce Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). NFTs give the cards unique identities, which ensures that every gameplay detail is recorded and publicly stored. This allows you and your teammates to see a track record of wins, losses, and all other accomplishments.

How to enter the Whoniverse

Users can register their accounts and start collecting cards as well as adding cosmetic Alien frames straight away. These can be purchased in-store or on the secondhand marketplace using Pandaks (named after the original Lord President). $1 is worth 100 Pandaks. What's more, you earn ten free Pandaks every time you log in! The earlier you assemble your deck, the lower the price will be.

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Bringing Dr Who to younger generations

Co-founder of RGG Tony Pearce said: "In the beginning, getting Doctor Who fans to understand what an NFT is had proved difficult. Together with the BBC, we hope to educate the younger Doctor Who fans of why there is value and utility with these cards."

Paper or digital deck - what’s more sustainable?

There has been much media coverage concerning Bitcoin's intensive energy use. It is estimated that the world's largest cryptocurrency consumes more electricity per year than the entire country of Argentina which, with a population of 45 million people, is a lot of energy!

Context is key when interpreting statistics, and carbon emissions can be difficult to measure across different industries. However, the transparent nature of blockchain's distributed ledgers makes it much easier to perform audits and approximate current and future energy use.

In industries with physical supply chains, it is a complex and often inaccessible process to calculate scope 3 emissions. This is especially so in sectors like metals mining which create a much larger carbon footprint than crypto.

All online activity has an associated energy cost. For example, YouTube uses 250% more energy per day than the entire Bitcoin network. The traditional banking system uses twice as much energy as the Bitcoin network daily. Research by Cambridge University suggests that the energy that powers crypto mining is already as much as 78% renewable.

There is often a misconception that the energy cost of Bitcoin is the same for all blockchain networks. Ethereum uses about half of the energy of Bitcoin, and the network's overhaul from the Proof of Work consensus model to Proof of Stake has reduced Ethereum's energy usage by 90%.

RGG’s approach to the climate reality

Using and developing NFTs and blockchain applications require energy, just like any game developer or other industry in the world. Reality Gaming Group understands that blockchain technology has a significant environmental impact and is committed to keeping this to a minimum. To this end, all of the Group's data servers and websites are certified as carbon-neutral.

Dr Who Worlds Apart runs on a fork of Ethereum known as a ‘sidechain’ which uses less energy than the Ethereum mainnet and is more versatile for bespoke development. RGG plans to integrate Polygon and other layer 2 companies to improve energy efficiency and speed further while retaining the security and authentication benefits of the Ethereum network.

It can be argued that the emissions involved in manufacturing and transporting physical cards may have more impact on the environment than collectible digital cards using NFT technology.

Built using blockchain for integrity and utility, Dr Who Worlds apart is the perfect platform to inspire existing and future fans. So, don’t waste any more time. Go forth, assemble your deck, and get collecting to master the universe.

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