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Dragons’ Den Bitcoin: Legit or a Scam?

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The Dragons' Den Bitcoin is a scam and they have stolen a lot of money from people. We will look at what Dragon's Den Bitcoin is, how you can spot this scam, and how to prevent yourself from being scammed.

The famous TV show Dragons' Den name has been used to promote illegitimate products on the Internet. Many people have lost money by investing in bogus schemes and products.

Firstly, Dragons' Den Bitcoin is not real. It was created by someone who wanted to make money from people looking for an easy way to invest in Bitcoin. It is fake. We will discuss what makes this phony investment so appealing and why people fall for it.

What is Dragons' Den?

Dragons' Den, produced by the BBC, is a popular UK TV show. It's a reality show where aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to experts in the business field and ask for investments. The show is famous worldwide and there are many spin-offs in other countries. The show features a panel of investors known as "dragons" who are willing to invest their own money in business ideas that they like. The Dragons' questions, interrogations, and demands can be intimidating. However, the participants are always up for the task.

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What is the Dragons' Den Bitcoin scam?

The Dragons' Den Bitcoin scam is a fake investment opportunity created to steal your money. It claims, falsely, that it is associated with the popular BBC show. The scam has different versions, but all have one thing in common: they ask you for money in exchange for an investment opportunity that does not exist. The scammers use high-pressure tactics to convince you to invest in their fake Bitcoin trading platform and steal your money. They present you with false claims about what will happen if you do not act on their offer.

Scammers have been luring unwitting investors into trading with their money by exploiting photographs of personalities from the TV show Dragons' Den. Their photographs and comments have enticed users into a get-rich-quick Bitcoin scam on websites and social media.

The Dragons Den Bitcoin scam is an example of how fake sites use the names of well-known public figures, celebrities, and TV shows to promote a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s not a real investment opportunity.

We are seeing a new twist on a classic cryptocurrency fraud, and victims are being duped out by scammers who promise high returns on investments in Bitcoin.

So far, some of the versions of the Dragons Den Bitcoin scam include:

  • A fake news report claiming Deborah Meaden, one of the original investors on Dragons' Den, made a £250,000 investment in Bitcoin after seeing how it had been making people huge fortunes.
  • A fake interview with Sarah Davies and Jenny Campbell, two new investors on Dragons' Den, claiming they had invested in Bitcoin after they saw how it was helping people make money.
  • A fake interview with Peter Jones claiming he was starting a Bitcoin investment program after seeing how it had been making many people rich.

The fraudsters present themselves as legitimate businesses and offer exceptionally high returns on investment. But rather than investing your money, the fraudsters are stealing it. They use fake celebrity endorsements to convince people that the "opportunity" is genuine.

These scammers have no relation to the real Dragons, but hope people will be fooled into sending money for cryptocurrency investments. There are legitimate ways to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but you must research these thoroughly before investing your money.

What to look out for:

If you're offered an amazing opportunity to invest in Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency out of the blue, proceed with extreme caution – or avoid it altogether! These fraudsters are highly convincing and manipulative, often using very subtle tactics to lure you in.

The BBC has investigated several Bitcoin trading platforms and found that some are legitimate, but others are not.

It is reported that some people have lost up to £200,000 after being lured into scams by fake social media posts.

The scammers promised high returns for investors.

They'll tell you that Bitcoin is about to explode onto the mainstream market. This isn't true.


Dragons' Den bitcoin is a scam. It is not legit. It's a fake get-rich-quick scheme that promises investors huge profits within a short period. People should carry out thorough checks before putting any money into schemes, especially those they hear about through unsolicited emails or adverts online.

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Author: Chidi-Blessing Mills

Author: Chidi-Blessing Mills

I am tech and crypto enthusiast with 12 years industry experience. I have written hundreds of articles in the tech and crypto space, and executed campaigns for many blockchain companies across the globe. I'm passionate about the new technology and the potentials it holds for the future. It's my mission to make learning about crypto fun and informative.

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