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Ember Sword Expands Gaming Choice

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At the end of October, MMORPG Ember Sword unveiled The Ultra Deep. The Alpha Playtest dungeon experience was the latest upgrade to the online game, promising new team and combat gameplay and introducing new weapons.

With Ember Sword launching a new experience and continuing to grow its share of players in the competitive online gaming world, we thought it was worth taking a look at the game.

What is Ember Sword?

Created by Bright Star Studios, Ember Sword claims to be about the game-playing experience and gamer community.

Promotional material for the game says it was created by gamers who recognise that massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) are a lifestyle, not just a hobby. The creators, it continues, recognise there is a gaming community of millions of people who dedicate their time to completing quests, levelling up skills and characters, and growing influence. This gaming platform is designed to deliver for those people.

The creators looked at the games they had enjoyed most in the previous 20 years and used the best elements to produce an experience they believed players wanted.

In essence, Ember Sword is a community-led sandbox world, or player-driven universe, full of ‘exciting opportunities’ to explore, engage in combat, and become part of this virtual world’s economy.

It promises ‘true ownership’ of in-game digital assets, as well as ‘thrilling’ player-versus-player (PvP) and player-versus-environment (PvE) experiences.

It is described by the makers as forging a 'new path' in gaming, giving players total freedom, and access to a wide range of gaming experiences, and one which does not rely on ‘pay-to-win’.

Who’s behind it?

Bright Star Studios was founded by Mark Laursen and Joris Huijbregts.

Laursen, the current CEO, has an extensive background in gaming, including management and founder positions with projects like FortemWorks and Donkey Crew. He saw the gaming industry as stagnant and wanted to inject new life into it, giving gamers the experience and community they wanted. Ember Sword is part of this movement, using ground-breaking game engine technology to deliver elevated accessibility and experience.

Huijbregts is something of a prodigy. By 16, he had created an entire MMO. The next step, it would seem, was to try and revolutionise the industry and gaming experience. With the aim of elevating and improving the playing experience, Bright Star Studios’ Chief Development Officer is using pioneering technology and a proprietary engine to deliver this gaming platform. He is a prolific creator of game assets, using tools he created (and which are now used by thousands of developers).

To get from concept to game, you need a publisher. Bright Star Studios has Mo Fadl as Chief Publishing Officer. With more than 18 years of experience in the gaming industry, Fald had the skills and expertise to bring the idea to life through publishing. Drawing on experience working on games like Riot Games and Wargaming, Fadl combines creativity with a ‘get things done’ approach, and shares the vision of an enhanced gaming experience.

Ultra Deep release

After running a countdown clock on its website, Ember Sword finally released The Ultra Deep at the end of last month.

The release granted access to a new area of gaming experience, with new features and weapons for the community to enjoy.

In this element of the game, players venture beneath Solarwood, which has been overrun by ‘monstrosities’ never seen anywhere else. This underworld is a cave of mystery for players to explore.

With a new location come new weapons.

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The Censer

This new weapon in the Ember Sword world can assist with healing and protecting members of your gaming team, as well as inflicting curses on your enemies. The makers say it can be used without sacrificing your damage output and offers higher damage-over-time capabilities.


For players who like to inflict rapid, aggressive damage in a dynamic playstyle, The Ultra Deep features pistols. They enable players to lock onto a target and fire rapidly while remaining mobile, so they can avoid being hit or captured. A special feature of the new pistols is the ability to launch grenades if your enemies get too close, allowing you to flee.

The Staff

Choose a target area and deliver a burst damage hit with the staff. It can inflict damage and debilitate anyone within the targeted area, letting players channel and project flux energy through a ranged motion.

Sword and Shield

For those with what the makers call a ‘tanky' playstyle and preference for close-up action, The Ultra Deep introduces the sword and shield. You can draw the attention of monsters and enemies to protect your team and experience close-quarters combat. There's also a new opportunity to master crowd control and gain the ability to toughen your skin, to reduce damage.

Of course, it’s not just new weapons. The Ultra Deep also introduces three new types of armour, light, medium, and heavy.

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