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Epic games NFT launch unveiled

epic games nft
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Tim added that while epic didn't want to employ NFTs or Web3 technology, it would allow other producers to do so as far as they followed laws and market rules.

The Epic Games Store will accept games that employ blockchain technology if they comply with applicable laws, publish their conditions, and are age-rated by an approved group," he tweeted. While Epic does not use cryptocurrency in its games, we welcome technological and financial innovation, he concluded.

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Epic games NFT market entry

Epic Games has been one of the market's few large conventional game developers and publishers to express a strong interest in NFTs.

While it has most likely hedged its bets and will follow others into the market - and not be the first, but certainly not the last - there has been some progress this week as they have placed their first-ever NFT game, 'Blankos Block Party,' on the Epic Games Store.

Epic games NFT - Blankos

Blankos Block Party was released as an open beta about two years ago by gaming company Mythical. Mythical has claimed that over one million players participated in the title. Blankos Block Party was uploaded to the Store today, making it the first Web3 or NFT-based title to appear on the marketplace.

We discussed Mythical's concept for Blankos and Web3 gaming in 2018 when the business raised $16 million in funding.

The game combines a Roblox-like appearance with the appeal of a vinyl toy culture most aesthetically akin to real life through companies like Medicom's BE@RBRICKs, Funko Pop, and others. NFTs are not necessary to play the game but provide gamers with personalisation boosts similar to popular titles like Fortnite or CS: GO.

Blankos Block Party was in open beta by 2020. In the last couple of years, there has been a rush of new collaborations, including artist partners like Deadmau5 and brand partners like Burberry.

The hosting of Blankos is undoubtedly the most incredible story of the year for Mythical and possibly one of the biggest stories of the year for Web3 gaming.

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Author: Emmanuel Baiden

Author: Emmanuel Baiden

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