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What is ETH Rune and how do you obtain it?

Eth rune
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One of the popular titles in action role-playing games (RPGs) is Diablo 2: Resurrected. The game offers a type of tradable in-game item called runes that provide numerous bonuses to the players. One of the runes in the Diablo 2 world is the ETH Rune which allows players to enhance the power of their weaponry. 

This article will explore the ETH Rune item in D2R in detail. So, let’s delve in to learn what it is, its unique properties, and how you can find it. 

What is an ETH Rune in Diablo 2: Resurrected?

It is a popular item from low-tier runes in D2R that you can use in your armours and other weapons. It can boost your weapons' strength by generating Mana and increasing the target defence. This type of rune can be socketed in your body armour, headgear, and shields to provide 15% Mana and -25% target defence. The level requirement for the item is 15, so you can use it after reaching level 15. 

However, it is not a rare item in the game, and you can find it from various sources like in chests, from monsters, and as quest rewards. But the good thing about the ETHs is that you can use them in a range of Horadric Cube recipes. 

For instance, three ETH Runes can be transmuted into an LTH Rune that can provide you with increased attack speed and enhance your skills. You can also get other high-tier runes like crafted hit power shields, caster shields, blood boots, and others. 

Unique features of ETH Rune

Every tradeable item in the D2R game has its own unique characteristics. Likewise, ETH also has two major and unique bonuses that it offers. Firstly, when you install an ETH in your armour, shield, or headgear, you can regenerate Mana by 15% per second. 

Secondly, it can also help you lessen your target's defence by more than 25%. It does that by making your weapons more powerful than the target's defence. For these characteristics, it is quite a helpful item among low-tier ones.

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Which Runewords are made from ETH Rune?

These runes are not only used in Horadric Cube recipes, but can also create runewords. In D2R, a runeword is a unique mix of runes that allows you to produce various powerful items. Each runeword has specific properties and can provide you with different strengths. Here are 12 Runewords that you can create with ETH.

  1. Stealth.
  2. Malice.
  3. Grief.
  4. Fury.
  5. Zephyr.
  6. Memory.
  7. Rhyme.
  8. Breath of the Dying.
  9. Holy Thunder.
  10. Splendour.
  11. Bramble.
  12. Obedience.

How can you obtain ETH Rune?

There are several ways to acquire this item. One of the most common ways of achieving it is by killing different monsters. Each monster in D2R has varying chances of yielding ETHs, depending on the setting in which you encounter them. For instance, if you kill the Countess in Act 1, Tower Cellar, with Hell difficulty at level 5, there is a 1:6 chance of getting it. However, if you kill the same Countess with the same settings at a normal difficulty level, the chance rises to 1:3. 

In addition, you can also obtain it by converting your three Nef Runes into an ETH. Meanwhile, another way is to complete different game quests and earn rewards that could include ETHs. 

However, the easiest way to acquire it is through an in-game trading platform. D2R has a trading platform called D2Trader, from which you can directly buy it. It features a price checker and an intuitive interface that enables you to trade D2R items.

What runes make an ETH Rune?

If you cannot find the ETH through quests or from monsters, you can also acquire them by producing them on your own.

For this, you need to follow a simple Horadric Cube recipe. It requires you to collect at least three Nef Runes and fuse them to create an ETH. Nefs are from the mid-tier, and you can find these items in the nightmare or above difficulty. Combining three of these runes can give you the powers of an ETH. 

Final thoughts

Diablo 2: Resurrected is a popular RPG that uses tradeable in-game items. Although these items do not have real-world value, they provide numerous benefits in the game.

A standard item in D2R is the ETH Rune which gives you different strengths. You can use these to boost your Mana and decrease the target's defence.

There are several ways to acquire this item. You can get it by defeating monsters, completing quests, fusing 3 Nefs, or buying it from the D2Trader.

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Author: Wasay Ali

Author: Wasay Ali

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