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Ethereum Price Prediction in 2022

ethereum price prediction
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What can we expect from the Ethereum price prediction for 2022?

Ethereum ETH holders have enjoyed a rollercoaster year, to say the least.

The prized crypto asset commenced the year at less than $800 apiece, rose to over $4,300 (its all-time high at the time) in May, fell to less than $1,900 in July following China’s crypto ban and broke its all-time high in October, after the launch of a ProShares futures-based Bitcoin ETF product (BITO).

The Valkyrie futures-based Bitcoin ETF was launched within a week of BITO’s approval. To put it into perspective, Ethereum has grown 956,745.2% in roughly six years! Ethereum will be the next crypto asset to surpass $10,000 in valuation. The question is, will the crypto token cross $10k in 2022? I believe so.

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What does 2022 hold in store for Ethereum?

2022 will be a HUGE year for Ethereum enthusiasts. While I understand the hype surrounding bitcoin breaking its all-time high this month, Ethereum is set to the top three crypto asset which will have the best time in 2022. Yes, bitcoin will breach the $100,000 barrier, but the launch of Ethereum 2.0 is what the world should be excited about.

Ethereum 2.0 will enhance the network’s transaction processing speed considerably, from a miserly 15 transactions per second (TPS) to an enormous 100,000 TPS, thanks to sharding technology and a transition from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS). This will place Ethereum network as the fastest blockchain in the world, followed by Solana at 50,000 TPS.

Other benefits of Ethereum 2.0 include greater security and sustainability. The transition to ETH 2.0 will solve many existing problems and may lead to the wide-scale adoption of the crypto asset.

I believe that Ethereum will not only cross $10,000 in 2022 but also reach $15,000 (potentially). I will not be surprised if El Salvador, or any other country for that matter, adopts Ethereum as a legal tender next year.

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surajdeep singh

Author: Surajdeep Singh

Surajdeep Singh has been working in the tech sphere as a marketing guru and journalist for over 6 years, with his speciality laying in blockchain and Web3. He has donned several hats in marketing and journalism over the years and worked with many reputable brands. Feel free to reach out to him on LinkedIn!


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