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Exploring the Claymates NFT Project

21, February, 2023

in Latest NFT News

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The Claymates NFT project is an innovative take on digital collectables. It combines Cardano's blockchain technology with art, culture, and music. Clay Labs Digital launched these NFTs as part of the Clay Nation project in April 2021. Claymates promotes sculpture art by turning hand-sculpted characters into non-fungible tokens. It introduces a collection of more than 10,000 unique collectables with real-life sculpture traits. In the Clayverse, these Claymates play a critical role as they can work as user avatars.

The concept behind Claymates Clay Nation is the brainchild of Isobel Robson and Lenna Onto, who founded it back in 2021. It is a creative take on digital assets built around the concept of ‘claymation’. Claymation, or clay animation, is a conventional method of filmmaking from modifiable characters.

Claymation is a popular animated filmmaking method using stop-motion photography. These NFTs are created algorithmically to shape different 3D sculpted characters. The collectables live on the Cardano blockchain as lively clay characters. The Claymates collection is created for entertainment, and you can collect them as your avatars in Clayverse.

Clay Nation digital collectables

The Clay Nation collectables are among the most highly rated projects on the Cardano network. The series introduces 10,000 hand-sculpted unique character NFTs. All of its NFTs sold out within hours of its first drop.

So far, the project has launched NFTs in two series. It has also published an expansion pack and collaborative art pieces separately. It collaborated with several other Cardano projects like Collabits, Good Charlotte, and SpaceBudz.

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Claymates NFT price

According to the analytical data by Open CNFT, the floor price of these NFTs has been ₳4,100. The total volume traded in this project is ₳32 million.

Interestingly, in the past 30 days, the average price of Claymates was ₳5,218.35. In this period, a total of 248 assets were sold. Moreover, the ADA traded volume was ₳1,294,150.

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Why does Claymates use the Cardano blockchain?

The primary reason behind opting for ADA for Claymates NFT project was its founders' previous affiliations with the network. Before launching Clay Nation, Lenna Onto worked with IOHK for a stake pool.

As she was familiar with the ins and outs of the Cardano ecosystem, she opted for it for her clay-esque NFTs. The project’s white paper mentions that “Cardano is our roots”.

Secondly, the founders were also inspired by the ethos and sustainability of the blockchain. In addition, the blockchain platform is known for its dynamic community and diverse network, which aligns with Claymates’ vision. Charitable initiatives and fostering inclusivity are common goals for both. The founders dubbed the network a ‘natural home’ for their project.

The future of Claymates NFTs

It is already ranked among the top three projects on Cardano. It has partnered with several big names in the art and music industry.

One famous name is Good Charlotte, an American band. Meanwhile, another striking collaboration has been with the renowned American rapper Snoop Dogg and his son Champ.

These partnerships indicated what its digital collectables can offer the entertainment industry.

If the project continues to bring forth new collectables and partner up with more artists, it can be a huge success for Cardano, too. As NFTs are becoming more popular, Claymates can become a trendsetter in the market.

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Author: Wasay Ali

Author: Wasay Ali

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