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The rise of various blockchain companies has brought a lot of advancement and progress in how we see and work with blockchain technology. However, due to the loss of several investments to shady companies and projects, there has also been a level of caution. Cryptoland is one of the mega projects that has brought uncertainty and doubt to crypto lovers and investors.

What is Cryptoland

The Cryptoland project comes off quite differently from other blockchain and Metaverse projects. The founders aim to create a physical community to fill the experience that online communities cannot offer. It is said to be a real-life island NFT project. The company is reportedly founded and led by Max Olivier and Helena Lopez with this mission to unite crypto enthusiasts.

According to their website, it aims to build a powerful ecosystem of crypto enthusiasts for crypto enthusiasts. They claim the island will have co-working zones, incubators, hotels, restaurants, et cetera. According to the founders, it will encompass all facilities for the community to thrive.

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Is Cryptoland real?

Cryptoland majorly offers land for investment, which has drawn the attention of investors around the globe.

There is speculation about whether this is real or just another elaborate scam.

"We are building the number one crypto destination on earth," their website says as they make their ambitions known.

This audacity may not have put some fears away, as some people question the safety of the investment for various reasons.

It was originally planned to be an island in Fiji, but information about the purchase or ownership is yet to be publicly available. This also means that there is no information on whether the project has started or not.

The uncertainties around the project have caused several criticisms among well-known personalities.

Molly White, a well-known crypto sceptic, did research that included a report of her findings on Twitter and an online conversation with the founders.

Is investing in Cryptoland worth it?

Cryptoland says most people struggle to transition into a full-time crypto lifestyle because they are isolated, and their innovation will solve this problem.

The arguments have been on whether there is really a problem to solve, the profitability of the venture, and the sustainability of the same.

Many have bought into this project and do believe in it. The major investment that is being made is the purchase of land in this community.

The Blockchain Hills area, a part of the project, is reportedly worth about $1.3 million; however, little detail is given on whether it has been purchased and how it will be managed. The Blockchain Hill is to be sold as "King Cryptolander NFTs".

Amid this, Cryptoland continues to gain popularity and has not shut its doors to the public on its company mission of uniting crypto enthusiasts.

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