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FB Whistleblower Supporting Herself with Crypto

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Former Facebook employee and Facebook whistleblower, Frances Haugen, has said that she is financially supporting herself due to crypto investments she has made. She told The New York Times that for the foreseeable future, she will be fine as she invested in crypto at 'the right time.'

In a phone interview with Cheddar, Haugen said that when she first heard of cryptocurrencies from her brother in 2017 she thought they were 'absolutely crazy'. As a result, she went to a meetup with him and was surprised by how many people loved the idea of cryptocurrency. She said:

"I couldn't understand it because I didn't get it. But I think everybody gets this, like, 'what is money,' right? It's just something that we use to trade and barter with, but the technology behind it is what's really interesting."

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'Facebook Prioritise Growth'

37-year-old Haugen recently accused her former employer, Facebook, of prioritising growth over safety. She said:

"I do not think that Facebook has prioritised privacy overgrowth. I feel like there are some leaders within the company who have, but for me, it's always been that data privacy and security are foundational to the success of our business."

The data scientist admitted that she has some concerns over the future of her career. However, she said that the investments she made in crypto are enough to support her for now.

"It's a big risk for me," she explained, "but I've been living a frugal lifestyle and investing in crypto since 2015 so that I could feel secure in my ability to leave the industry if I decided to. For now, that security is enough."

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