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Fantom Crypto is Becoming a Web3 Playground

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It is time to take a serious look at Fantom crypto.

Since the inception of blockchain technology, we have seen many players come and go. We have also seen some new platforms come and make a name for themselves as the go-to blockchain service for many businesses, developers, organisations, governments, users, and, ultimately, projects alike.

These were platforms that started small and then blew up because the market loved what they had to offer.

Naturally, the uses and applications of a blockchain can either be limited or innumerable. However, as we all know, it is a numbers game, and Fantom has proven to us why its deserves its seat at the table.

Casually, anyone can mention that the most popular blockchains right now are Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon - assuming this was early 2021.

That changed later in '21 when the crypto market gave rise to the price of the Fantom token, aka FTM, sending it to as high as almost $2!

One may say $2 per token is such a small amount, but, in reality, it says that this asset has every right to say "to the moon". This is especially so since its three billion tokens in circulation are just about six times more than the 510 million Solana tokens in circulation.

If you draw a table and compare both blockchains and their tokens, you may find very little to disqualify Fantom.

The question now becomes: What is Fantom and why is their token so valuable at such an early stage?

FTM is valuable because Fantom is a web3 playground. Anyone who understands web3 knows that it is an entire ecosystem of decentralized exchanges, Defi, NFTs, the metaverse, cross-chain bridges, tools, lending and financing, and, most importantly, wallets. The fascinating thing here is that Fantom is supported on popular platforms you may know.

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Let’s take a look at a few of them:

• DEXs: Sushiswap, CurveFi • Bridges: Everbridge, Multichain • Lending & financing: Alpaca finance, Tarot • NFTs: Paintswap, NFTKEY • Tools: 0x, Nansen • Wallets: Metamask, Coinbase

Consequently, the reward for involvement and participation in the web3 space is massive adoption. Building for web3, building inclusive products, and building an inclusive ecosystem are something the most successful blockchains right now all have in common. They understand that the needs of the people come first, and the only way to gain relevance that lasts is to build infrastructure that allows others to function efficiently and scale.

This is what makes FTM such a sought-after token by crypto HODLers and traders worldwide. Not just because its blockchain makes transactions super fast, but mostly because it makes DeFi seamlessly easy to use. This is due to their highly efficient smart contracts that have been integrated with platforms like Chainlink, Band Protocol, and Covalent, to mention a few.

What makes Fantom such a typical web3 playground is in its nature; the very features, integrations, and use cases that are visible with robust players like Ethereum and Solana, are also clearly identifiable in Fantom.

It is little wonder that the FTM coin has seen massive adoption in recent months, with many speculating that it may reach and probably surpass the $4 mark by the end of 2022.

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Author: Kalu Arunsi

Author: Kalu Arunsi

Kalu Arunsi is a brand strategist who writes on Finance, Crypto, Tech and Marketing. His style involves breaking down complex topics into simple bite sized content, that way his readers enjoy reading as much as learning.

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