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5 best farming games in the Metaverse

farming games in metaverse
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Play-to-earn Metaverse games are becoming increasingly popular among the gaming community. Now, Metaverse platforms are introducing various genres ranging from MMO battles and simulation games to card trading and even sports games.

One of the most sought-after genres among Metaverse games is crypto farming games. This genre has an immersive virtual world of farming where you can play and earn crypto at the same time. If you are new to the farming games in the Metaverse, here you can discover the five top-rated titles of the genre!

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Top crypto farming games in the Metaverse in 2022

Let’s check out the 5 best titles for farming games in the Metaverse!

  1. Plato Farm Plato Farm is another impressive crypto farming game where you can grow crops and keep livestock to generate profits. The ecosystem of Plato Farm includes two tokens; PLATO and MARK. PLATO token is a status symbol in the game; the higher your level, the more PLATOs you will hold. In contrast, MARK is the most common trading medium on Plato Farm. You can stake MARK tokens to get PLATOs.

It is situated in the ancient Greek times of the Philosopher, Plato. Moreover, its entire ecosystem portrays the Philosopher’s ‘kingdom of fairness’. You first need to buy land and other resources to make money in the game. Then you can grow crops, breed your animals on your land and get rewards in the two tokens.

  1. CropBytes CropBytes is a versatile Metaverse farming game with a balanced economy. The economy of CropBytes depends on the virtual token, CBX. To earn CBX, you first need to get the assets and start growing crops. Then there are animals you have to feed and get extracts from them. Also, you can gather utilities from farms that you can use or sell.

The extracts from animals can be converted into CBX tokens. You can use these tokens to generate a passive income or trade them for other collectables. It is an all-in-one farming game in the Metaverse that allows you to socialise, play, and earn at the same time.

  1. Plant vs Undead Plant vs Undead is another innovative project among farming games in the Metaverse. The farming on Plant vs Undead depends on the plant synergy. If three plants from the same group are positioned adjacent to each other, it results in a plant attack. Moreover, if five are arranged together, there will be an explosion.

The game introduces has its own crypto, the PVU coin. This coin can be used within its ecosystem as a utility token to facilitate every transaction. You can buy plants or seeds through it or can trade them for in-game NFTs. The best thing about the game is that it has several free plants which can also earn you rewards.

  1. HappyLand If you are a fan of mini idle games, HappyLand will be perfect for you. This play-to-earn game is a sophisticated DAO project with advanced tokenomics. It is home to the HPL token as a virtual utility currency within its marketplace.

HappyLand offers a variety of mini play-to-earn games through which you can earn rewards. This includes fun idle gaming like hunting crows or pig racing. You can also stake the rewards earned through them to get collectables as rewards. You can buy five different types of land for farming. These include Euphoria, Meadows, Woodland, Highland, and Valley.

  1. Farmer’s World Farmer’s World is another exciting project among farming games in the Metaverse. This 3D virtual world of farmers has unique gameplay because of the addition of jungle monsters. To protect your cultivated land, you have to fight against them with your pets. Winning this fight can earn you rewards in WAX, the native currency of the game.

Besides fighting jungle monsters, you can mine GOLD or get WOOD to create different tools by playing games. Also, you can catch fishes which can get you FOOD. This will help in increasing your in-game strength. Lastly, you can breed your pets at the farm and can build sheds and cages to keep them safe.

Bottom line

Farming games have become a highly sought-after genre in Metaverse gaming. The reason behind that is the variety of activities you can perform in these games. You can grow crops, breed livestock, build different things, and can play fun idle playoffs along with earning rewards with real-world value.

This article explored the 5 best farming games in the Metaverse that are worth a try. Among these titles, the most innovative is Plato Farm. It’s themed on Plato’s ideas and has tokenomics involving two tokens. Other than that, HappyLand, CropBytes, Plant vs Undead, and Farmer’s World - are all fun play-to-earn farm sims games. Enjoy your farming experience!

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Author: Wasay Ali

Author: Wasay Ali

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