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Fortify NFT Explained

18, November, 2022

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fortify nft
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Fortify NFT boosts the value of your products. It combines blockchain and NFC technology to increase brand trust and engagement.

The platform offers a secure module (NFC crypto chip) that enhances your product by bridging the physical and digital worlds. All data is stored in an open, decentralised blockchain network. The platform guarantees transparency and immutability. It offers fully customised mobile applications (Android, iOS) for your customers to interact with your product to strengthen your brand.

Fortify allows you to:

  1. Prove your product's authenticity using the NFC crypto chip.
  2. Claim and transfer ownership.
  3. Check on the product's sustainability and provenance, and many other functions.

Services offered by Fortify

  1.  Genuineness and thriving secondary markets

Artists no longer participate in the secondary market for their works of art because, after a sale, they no longer see the value in doing so.

Fortify enables a thriving secondary market while returning control to artists. An NFC chip protects each piece of art, and the blockchain is used to track and modify ownership. Every resale generates some profit for the artist.

  1.  Trust and participation in the fashion industry

Handbags, shoes, watches, and glasses are a few examples of products plagued by counterfeiting. Furthermore, customer engagement is low. Once purchased, the producer's ability to increase customer interaction with the product or brand is limited.

Fortify alters this by generating a digital twin of each object on the blockchain and encouraging customers to interact with it.

  1.  Industrial applications: Track assets as they move through the supply chain

Goods of any kind in industrial processes can be linked to a digital twin on the blockchain using the NFC chip. These goods can be tracked transparently throughout the entire supply chain.

Costs for identifying, tracking provenance, or obtaining reliable information about previous production steps can be drastically reduced.

  1.  Solution for high-end spirits

The counterfeiting of spirits is massive, especially when it comes to high-end products. Fortify's solution for high-end spirits protects bottles of any type from counterfeiting, as demonstrated by a limited edition of 999 bottles of GIN.

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How can Fortify NFT help your business?

  1.  Authenticity 

Fortify’s blockchain-NFC chips embedded in your products serve as an anti-counterfeit solution, protecting your brand.

  1.  Customer Engagement

You can use blockchain tokens (NFT to prove ownership, purchase and sell goods on the secondary market, collect digital and physical goods, and many other things.

  1.  Rarity

You can establish trust by being upfront about the actual number of an item's limited supply.

  1.  Supply Chain Transparency

Any asset can be tracked and traced throughout the supply chain using Fortify.

Bottom line

Have you ever lost track of your product after it was sold in a retail setting?

Fortify NFT can solve this problem. The application dashboard provides detailed information on customer interaction with your products: When and where was its authenticity established? Is it being resold on the secondary market? Who currently owns the digital and physical assets? All this data is retrieved from NFC chips and the blockchain and displayed in a user-friendly interface.

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Author: Priya Kumari

Author: Priya Kumari

Priya is a passionate content writer and the co-founder of Finendorse. She is an enthusiastic crypto investor and has a huge interest in the upcoming digitisation age.

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