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Free Bitcoin Mining: Experience the Best Games

free bitcoin mining
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Is free Bitcoin mining a scam? Is it possible to mine Bitcoins by playing free Bitcoin mining games? Here are 11 free Bitcoin mining games you can play to win Bitcoins.

  1. Roller Coin
  2. CryptoPop
  3. CropBytes
  4. Bitcoin Bounce
  5. Bitcoin Food Fight
  6. Crypto Planet
  7. Bitcoin Blast
  8. Bitcoin Solitaire
  9. Alien Run
  10. Bitcoin Blocks
  11. CryptoWin

Mining Bitcoin has been made accessible and achievable for you. Read on to find out more about these games and how they work.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, also known as BTC, is the largest and most popular cryptocurrency in the crypto space. It was created in 2008 by Satoshi, an anonymous person who remains anonymous. Bitcoin is simply digital money whose transactions cannot be traced, but are considered safe, just like other cryptocurrencies.

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What is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining is simply a way of creating new Bitcoins, and it serves as a form of maintenance for the coin’s network. Bitcoin mining is usually a challenging process that involves solving complex cryptographic calculations. And this often requires the use of high-level computer systems.

If mining Bitcoin is tough, how possible is it then to get Bitcoin by playing free Bitcoin mining games? After reading about Bitcoin mining, this is probably the question on your mind. It is entirely possible to mine Bitcoin for free just by playing games. You should be aware that these games are not random; they were specifically created for mining coins.

Please note that Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency mined by playing free games. It is also important to know that not all coins are created by mining.

11 Free Bitcoin Mining Games

Here’s a list of carefully selected free Bitcoin mining games you can play and win actual Bitcoins. Bitcoin mining is made easy with these play-free play-to-earn games. Why just play games on your mobile when you can actually play and earn at the same time? In no particular order:

  1. Roller Coin: This is an online virtual Bitcoin mining game. Players compete against their friends to mine Bitcoins. This mining process is fun and easy compared to the primary mining process. You get to complete missions, and tasks and, most of all, play a fun game to build your mining empire. You just need to sign up, log in, and customise your character. Nothing complicated, just an easy play-to-earn game, and you get to win actual Bitcoin.

  2. CryptoPop: Who says Bitcoin mining has to be difficult? There is no use mining the hard way when you can enjoy yourself while earning notable cryptocurrencies. The game is almost like candy crush, but instead of candies you have to tap on some group of cryptocurrencies to pop them. Points are added depending on how many pins you pop in one tap. To start playing the game, you need to input your Coinbase email address in the wallet section to record your points. Once you have gotten enough points, it’s time to get paid.

  3. CropBytes: If you played the popular Farmville game in the past, then this is your chance to earn big from this game. Like Farmville, you need to grow, harvest your crops, feed your farm animals, that is, your livestock, and then collect products from them. The products collected from your livestock, such as milk and eggs. It can be traded for crypto, and you also need to reinvest in the farm to keep it running and earn more money. To play the game, you first need to sign up, then to withdraw your earnings, you need to send your wallet address to the game's support link.

  4. Bitcoin Bounce: As the name indicates, this is a game that involves bouncing, in the sense that you have to bounce from one platform to another without falling. You also need to pick up all the power-ups you find along the way to help you survive longer.

  5. Crypto Planet: The game is about mining crystals; all you need to do is activate the digger and leave it for eight hours, then come after to claim your crystals. These resources can now be used to buy Space Chests from the game shop, which you'll need to earn real cryptocurrencies. You will earn more cryptos at the end of the day as you mine more crystals from planets. The trick to earning more crystals faster is to incubate some, and you’ll get more after a few hours. Also, there are daily quests to harvest more crystals and get more Space Chests. Cryptocurrencies earned are stored in the in-game wallet. You can be able to withdraw once you reach the withdrawal limit. Your earnings can also be transferred to any supported external wallet.

  6. Bitcoin Food Fight: In Bitcoin Food Fight, the fight is not against other people, but rather against the food. Nice twist! You throw knives at pizzas and other food items to make them fall apart. In this game, you need to aim for the space between the knives already stuck to the food. And ensure that your knife does not clash with another, as it will reset the level. Everyone is a winner in this game, and you get rewarded with Bling points whether you win or lose. You can convert your Bling points to Bitcoin, and you can cash out every seven days. To claim the Bitcoins you earned, you need to enter your Coinbase account in the Redeem tab.

  7. Bitcoin Blast: This is a simple game. You need to make a chain of at least three Bitcoins to clear the board. The length of the chain determines your earnings, meaning the longer the chain, the more you earn. To start, you need to sign up for Bling, and you also need a Coinbase account.

  8. Bitcoin Solitaire: Do you know about the Solitaire game? Well, this game is the same as the original Solitaire game. For those who do not know about Solitaire, the game is played by arranging each deck of cards into ascending order. The deal is for you to make faster moves. You need a Coinbase to be able to withdraw your earnings.

  9. Alien Run: Did I mention earlier that this is a list of fun games? Alien Run is indeed a fun game with a different twist from others. In this game, you gain points when you pass five levels. In the game, you play as Daniel D’Alien, and you run and jump across platforms that change occasionally. The game has many levels with unpredictable twists that make it even more fun. Like other mining games, you need Coinbase to be able to collect your rewards.

  10. Bitcoin Blocks: The game simply matches at least two blocks. The deal is to match more than two blocks so that you can win combos that enable you to get rid of the blocks easily and earn points. You'll need a Bling account and a Coinbase account to start playing the game to claim your profit. Please be aware that the game automatically locks you out for 12 hours when you play 15 consecutive turns.

  11. CryptoWin: This is a great game that is good for memory testing. How sharp is your memory? Well, it is time to find out how active your memory is. To play the game, all you need to do is tap any card on your screen, then find the other pair by flipping other cards. There is a time limit, though, so do well to finish before the time ends. There are many levels in the game. The more you win, the harder the game becomes, and the more games you win, the more you earn. There are various ways to earn digitally, and free Bitcoin mining games are one. You can earn big from the comfort of your home at your leisure. You can earn actual Bitcoins just by playing these free Bitcoin mining games. They are fun, easy, and, of course, free.

Ensure that you do not put details that can compromise your wallet for safety purposes. Enjoy your games while earning.

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