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French Central Bank Boss Urges Crypto Licensing

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The governor of the French central bank, Francois Villeroy de Galhau, has called for stricter licensing criteria and requirements for crypto companies operating out of France. His comments come after taking into consideration the current turbulence in the crypto market.

During his speech on 5 January in Paris, the Bank of France governor stated that France should not wait for the upcoming crypto laws in the EU to impose compulsory licensing for local digital asset service providers (DASPs).

The Markets in Crypto Assets Bill (MiCA) by the European Parliament lays out a crypto licensing order not expected to be put into force until 2024.

In a 5 January report from Bloomberg, the governor talks about the country's financial industry, stating that all the chaos in 2022 only points to one thing. That is, France should move to a compulsory licensing of DASPs instead of just a registration as soon as possible.

Presently, all crypto businesses that offer crypto custody and training must only register with the Financial Markets Authority (AMF), the country's market regulator.

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The French central bank governor urges for licensing after MiCA amendment proposed

The push for licensing comes after an amendment was proposed in December by Hervé Maurey, a member of the senate finance commission. The amendment called to eliminate a clause that allows companies to operate without a license.

Currently, the laws in France allow companies to operate without needing a license until 2026. This is to remain the same until MiCA passes a regime that does not allow companies to run unlicensed.

Considerations regarding the amendment will begin in January in the parliament.

MiCA has been a work in progress for the EU parliament since September 2020. On 10 October, a European Parliament committee passed the crypto framework on Economic and Monetary Affairs as a result of deliberations between the European Commission, EU Council, and European Parliament.

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